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Ukrainian women
20 Nov

What you need to know about Ukrainian brides. Guide me UA research.

A foreigner is looking for a wife – often this phrase lightens up the eyes of girls. Indeed, many Ukrainian brides want to marry foreigners. But what kind of wife the overseas groom is looking for?

The desire of women to marry a foreigner is understandable. They think that in another country they will be more happy than at home. The standard of living there is much better, and men do not drink to excess and respect women… Maybe it is true, but there are cases when Ukrainian wives run away from their foreign princes.

However, many girls are lucky to meet an attentive, educated and caring foreigner. So what kind of girls do they choose? Foreigners choose Ukrainian girls.

Ukrainian brides are kind, sympathetic and housewifely

They know that our girls are not only beauties, but also excellent housewives.

Decent, faithful, loving, tender, affectionate, friendly – these qualities of character are present in every Slavic girl, of course in varying degrees, depending on mood, fatigue and nerves. With a decent, faithful and loving husband who also earns well and helps around the house, being kind and affectionate is quite easy. For Ukrainian woman this is in the blood to be caring for the husband and family; in most cases friendliness of Ukrainian lady depends on how friendly her spouse is to her.

Ukrainian girls in traditional Ukrainian clothes

Ukrainian Brides

Ukrainian brides in Kiev

Ukrainian women

Here is what Igor says, who lived in Germany for eight years:

“Many Germans are interested in Ukrainian ladies. Usually they start thinking about finding a Slavic wife when they are forty-five or fifty. Such men seek women ten to fifteen years younger, and one of their most important requirements is for a woman to be healthy and without bad habits. Some wants the woman to give birth to their children, some want ladies to entertain them and take care of them. They all have different goals, but all Germans are sure that in any case, when they marry a Ukrainian woman, they save her from a meager life, and she should be grateful to them for that. ”

Ukrainian girls in KievMany foreigners do not hide their expectations from future wives. Drawing up a marriage contract is very common. Still, if you are dating a foreigner, it is better to discuss all the duties before the wedding. And do not be surprised if the usual frank talk suddenly turns into a business conversation, it’s normal for foreigners.

Ukrainian brides are very feminine

All, absolutely all men looking for a bride in Ukraine, want her to be feminine. This is one of the root causes why they turn their gaze to the east. Western women are very business-like, they live in a crazy rhythm and work hard, making a career. As a result of this race for success, women learn the methods of fighting for a place under the sun and become absolutely self-sufficient. They do not really need a man – if only as the father of the children she wants to have. Yes, of course, love and so on – but if a woman in principle is able to live without a man, it is very easy for her to break such an alliance with the first arising difficulties. Having become accustomed to compete with men on equal footing in her career, a woman brings this “spirit of competition” home as well.

In Ukraine western men are looking for women who want to “live with men, not compete with them,” who need a man and a husband, and will not be constantly talking about divorce, because they can safely do without the man.

Ukrainian women are educated

Some Western girls still have to work hard to reach Ukrainian level of education. Here we have something to be proud of. The Western notion of an educated person denotes having at least secondary education (English high school). Higher education in the West is calculated in years of study: 2 years – associate degree, 3 years – honor’s degree, 4 years – bachelor’s degree (graduate degree), 6 years – master’s degree (postgraduate degree). If you got graduate degree – you are a respected person in the community; if you have postgraduate degree, you are a very well educated person. Two degrees mean a person of remarkable mind and abilities. And in Ukraine there are a lot of girls with two higher educations. Ukrainian people are intellectually developed and well-read – this is noted by all foreigners who visited our country. The difficult, unstable conditions of the Ukrainian life make the brains of our people work at higher speeds, and as you know, if you train something, it develops.

How do modern Ukrainian girls look like?

These are real Ukrainian girls, not the ones you see on the websites of wedding agencies, which are full of photoshoped photos made in professional studios. True Ukrainians are modern, intelligent and beautiful.

Thirty-year-old Anna, who married an American two years ago, tells what kind of wife a foreigner is looking for:

“I was lucky with my husband; I did not have a goal to find my soulmate outside my homeland, neither did he. It was just the destiny – we met, fell in love and got married; I think that marriages with foreigners should be this way. If the overseas groom is looking for a bride purposefully, there is always a clear reason for that; he obviously needs something from her that no compatriot can give him. Foreigners often think that all our girls are poor and unhappy, dreaming of breaking out of their country.”


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True love is unselfish

However, there is another category of foreigners who want to marry a Ukrainian woman – they have Slavic roots and craving for their homeland is irresistible.

Such man really exist; they are interested in everything that is connected with the homeland, ancestors, history, traditions, but most importantly – Ukrainian beauties.

Thus, you got acquainted with the main features foreign men from America, Canada, Great Britain and Germany use to get acquainted with their possible destiny in Ukraine. However, in the end of the article we will give a little advice – do not use the services of any agencies in Kiev; they only pump up your money. These are translators who communicate instead of the girls, and girls from databases are not going to marry at all, and are only interested in earning a little money. We will not help you with brides, but here is an advice – Before you come to Kiev, chat a few girls using social networks – facebook, instagram, badoo, tinder.

And come to Kiev to meet real Ladies and of course take our sightseeing tours by female guides as well.

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