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Travel to Ukraine
26 Sep

Ukrainian girls, Vodka and Low Prices: 13 thoughts of foreigners about Ukraine

We watched vlogs and read blogs of foreign travelers and compiled a list of what tourists mostly notice in Ukraine: Ukrainian girls, Vodka and Low Prices. In this list there is surprisingly little of negative: travelers are mostly loyal even to those weaknesses, which are traditionally annoying for Kievans.

Low prices

Nick Fisher from New Zealand traveled to 49 countries and, having arrived to Ukraine, he was amazed at low prices. In his blog Indigo Traveler, the traveler tells that in Lviv restaurant he ordered rice with vegetables and coffee, and his girlfriend wanted dessert and coffee. They paid $4 for their order and this, in his words, is very cheap. “Beer for 70 cents! This is one of the cheapest countries I visited. Some products are even cheaper than in Morocco,” he says.

Walking through the streets of Lviv, he filmed prices for street food and was surprised by burgers and hotdogs that cost less than a dollar, and in the supermarket he was amazed by pasta priced 50 cents and water priced 30 cents.

Since 2012 blogger Drew Binsky from Arizona has visited 110 countries and in his blog he also mentions good prices. “Ukraine is the cheapest country in Europe, and Kiev is the most budget-friendly capital in this region among all the places I’ve ever been to. For example, metro ride is about 20 cents (at the time of the blog post the fare in the Kiev metro was 4 UAH). In Ukraine I have never paid more than $5 for any food I ate, and it was delicious. Any trip by taxi around the city will cost no more than $3. “We struggled to spend £35, everything here is very cheap! Coca-Cola costs 25 pence, while in Britain it is 70 pence, “- the British Nick and Paul write in their blog.  “You have to go to Ukraine, because here you will feel cool with a minimal budget,” – says Deny from America in his diary.

Soviet buildings and beautiful parks

American Matthew Kepns, famous traveler and author of the best-seller How to Travel the World for $50 Per Day, mentions beauty of Ukraine in his blog: “I saw only Lviv and Kiev, but they are very interesting cities. It is a combination of modernity, old Soviet architecture and beautiful parks.”

Kiev sightseeing - maidan

“I had to pinch myself several times to believe that what I see is real. Beautiful colors, scale of buildings, golden shine. Climbing to the top of the 102-meter Motherland Monument was one of the best trips in my life, “says Drew Binsky and it really sounds flattering from a man who has been to more than a hundred countries.

“There are some terrible Soviet buildings in Ukrainian cities, but there are really cool buildings that are amazing in their scale,” Canadians Kate and Jeff Matthews write in their blog; they quit their jobs, sold their belongings and went on a trip around the world.

Delicious borsch

“Borsch, vareniki with potatoes, pancakes, meat – everything was delicious. I especially liked Borsch. Sour cream they add adds special fine texture to the soup “- writes Drew Binsky.

Ukraine is like an old bicycle, but it makes you appreciate the moment

American Peter Santenello spent 6 weeks in the Ukrainian village Osipenko near Berdyansk. Together with the family who sheltered him, he worked in the garden, helped with housework and lived the life of a rural Ukrainian. Now he can draw the most objective conclusions about life in our country. After riding his bicycle to Mariupol, he tried to ride old Soviet bicycle: for him this moment illustrated all the difference between Ukraine and Western countries.

“America is like my high-speed bike, it is speedily rushing forward. There is productivity, there is a goal ahead. There is something to strive for in the future. And it quickly gets there, but feeling of the moment is often lost. The Ukrainian bicycle was slow, it worked poorly. Like Ukraine, its future is unknown; you cannot plan anything ahead. But such an existence forces the cyclist to observe what is happening around, to be here and now. In Ukraine there is depth, there is the present, there is wealth.” Speaking about the family where Peter lived for several weeks, he says: “They just need each other and the lake on a hot day. And it’s all. And this can be the best moments in life.” Canadians Felicia and Wesley in their vow shared a similar opinion: “Unlike Americans, Europeans, including Ukrainians, know how to enjoy life. And they are very responsible about their work. ”

In Kiev, it’s safe?

The same Drew Binsky also notes that tourists shall not be afraid to go to Ukraine: “Yes, in 2014 there was a big revolution when people died, but did not this happen in many other countries? Does this always mean that it is not safe to visit these places? I acknowledge that the situation in the eastern part of the country is a little tense, but, as far as I know, Kiev is a very safe place to visit.”

National symbols and patriotism

In recent years, Ukrainian symbols have flooded the streets of all Ukrainian cities and mainly the capital. Foreigners notice and admire our patriotism. “The yellow-blue colors are everywhere in Kiev. Even in small details, nationalism manifests itself and everything shows that the people of Kiev firmly consider themselves to be Ukrainians, “write Kate and Jeff Matthews.

“When I wandered around Kiev, I noticed how patriotic people are and what a great sense of national pride they have. The colors of Ukraine are blue and yellow, and they are visible all over the city: on buildings, street signs, walls and cars,” says Drew Binsky.

Friendly people

Many bloggers speak nicely about good-natured Ukrainians: “War, bad politics, bad economy are what people are shown. But its people are something special about Ukraine. Many Ukrainians go abroad to work. But it seems to me that they lack something there, something in the depth of them remains unfilled. I do not live in Ukraine, but even I feel I gonna miss it,” says Peter Santenello.  “Speaking about Ukrainians, I met many cool people who were much friendlier than in neighboring countries,” writes Drew Binsky.

Clean cities

Kyivans often complain about dirty streets. But in comparison with many other capitals, the Ukrainian capital wins noticeably. Binsky, who visited 110 countries, can confirm this: “Kiev is a very clean city. I was impressed that the townspeople always take very good care of their home, not throwing garbage on the street and making efforts to maintain the cleanliness of buildings. ”

Beautiful Ukrainian girls

“Ukrainian girls (no doubt) are the most beautiful in Europe and quite likely in the world. If anything can make you stay in Ukraine for a long time, then it surely will be a girl,” writes Drew Binsky. “Ukrainians have big enough breasts and all the girls are taking care of themselves. People here are well dressed: both women and men. I had to buy a pair of jeans, because I looked worse than others,” the Canadians Felicia and Wesley say in their vlog.

Bad roads

Nick and Paul, who travelled from Poland to Ukraine by bus, had time to consider all the charm of the Ukrainian periphery and our roads became their main impressions: “At best, the road was broken asphalt. We rode along dirt roads along old houses of corrugated sheet and cinder block past chickens, goats and dogs roaming the streets. Inspired by the Soviet era, architecture in the form of monuments to Gagarin and the golden domes of churches created the impression that time here stopped back in 1991.”

Beer and street musicians

“People drink Beer right on the street. And I like it,” say Felicia and Wesley. In their video Americans Audrey and Harry, who make vlog about budget travels, among other things note that in Kiev there is a lot of good street music: “There are people who just love to play, but there are also real professionals.”

Funny coffee stalls

Kyiv is desperately trying to get rid of famous Kiev stalls in the form of snails; foreign tourists on the contrary loved them. “At first it looked like a big snail, and we come closer. It’s a snail coffee! I love Kiev, it is very cool!”, says American JD Goldschmidt.

A lot of vodka

We do know that our people like to have a good drink, and our traditions are even more striking to foreigners. “When in Ukraine one mentions alcohol, there is no such thing as “a little bit “- in her blog traveler Sally Phipps writes about her trip to meet parents of her Ukrainian boyfriend. “My acquaintance with vodka was a cultural shock. Fortunately, I was exhausted by 18-hour trip and then the alcohol went for good. But after that I got frightened of so much vodka and during the next meal asked to give me just a small shot. But the problem is that the concept of “one small shot” does not apply to vodka. As a result I got the consent and all the same three shots of vodka.” “During our trip across the country we were offered tasty fresh berries, discounts for wine and a lot of vodka. Vodka flows here like water, and it is normal for Ukrainians to order a bottle on the table. As a result we drank a lot of shots because we just could not refuse, and the next day we often had hang-overs because of this, – travelers Heather and John, who visited 60 countries, tell.

So, Ukraine looks pretty fun to visit.

There are some interesting Private Tours in Kiev:

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  • Kiev Bar Crawl – the best option for partygoers, because our beautiful lady guide will bring you to the hot spots of Kiev nightlife.

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