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Ukraine Tourism
4 Sep

Ukraine – Tourism in the Most Hospitable Country in Eastern Europe

Tourists have significantly changed their travel habits. Ten years ago, we were familiar only with primitive forms of tourism leaning on three pillars: pieces of architecture, excursions and souvenirs. All the school and family trips were built on this principle. However, over the last few years Ukraine Tourism has significantly changed.

Thanks to rapid development of the Internet, people have access to unlimited flow of information. Tourists began to learn more about other countries, and became interested in new travel destinations.

Various services began to appear that simplify the planning of the trip or solve the problem of transfer and housing. Little by little, the market forms special offers for sophisticated tourists, who are bored with the usual travel experiences. Thanks to all these factors, as well as global trends, visiting proven tourist places and souvenir shops became not so popular as earlier, and priority is now given to more modern forms of recreation.

So, for example, in Ukraine gastro tourism and ecotourism became more popular.

Gastro Tourism in Ukraine

Among other reasons, gastro tourism has become popular in Ukraine due to development of local enterprises producing various foods and drinks. This is due not only to organic products which are popular these days, but also to desire to try something. For example, recently Ukraine legalized the production of wines by local companies, and the obligatory condition is that raw materials for these wines are grown by manufacturers and no extra alcohol is added. So, it is worth going to a small winery to see the process of making wine, and to try really high-quality wine, not mass-market offers.


Ask the Travel Agency Guide me UA to organize the tasting of Ukrainian wines for you – HERE.

Ukrainians are friendly and hospitable people, generously serving the table so that guests will remember it for a long time.

North of Ukraine

These regions are famous for its potato harvest, which greatly influences local cuisine. The signature dish of Polissya is deruny or dranyky. In the Chernigov region, they skillfully cook potatoes, sauerkraut and meat in the pots. And for dessert you will taste patties with arrow-wood, because the region is rich in berries. In Sumy region they also like fries, but here meat and liver are added to potatoes. And borsch is cooked here with pork and on beet kvass. Kiev has been famous for its Kiev chicken for many years.

South of Ukraine

South, where the Dnieper flows into the Black Sea, is the land of fishermen, and as a result – of various fish meals. For example, in Odessa they not only serve dried pigfish with beer, but they also make rissole with pigfish bits: the dough is mixed with chopped fish and fried in oil. It is much more difficult to cook the stuffed fish: one should carefully peel the fish, take out all the bones, crush, stuff and bake it. In Mykolayiv oblast fish can be preserved by adding tomato, or cooking the fish broth with tomato juice. Kherson is famous for its vegetables, especially eggplants. Here they are fried, canned, and they even make special eggplant caviar. Crimea is famous for its lamian and dolma: noodles with pieces of meat and small cabbage rolls in grape leaves. In Zaporozhye you will definitely like rich cabbage soup. Azov region is famous for pancakes – it is thin yeast dough with butter and cheese filling, folded into a roll.

Central Ukraine

In all the regions of Ukraine you will find different recipes for borscht. In the Cherkassy region, it is always served with pampushki with garlic. Kirovohrad region can surprise with a variety of vareniki and fillings to them: with potatoes, mushrooms, meat, liver, cabbage. Also it is worth trying kruchenyky – small meat rolls stuffed with minced meat, pâté, prunes and nuts. Poltava region is famous for dumplings and cakes. In Dnepropetrovsk, as well as in Odessa, they are very fond of forschmak, and they use fresh fish from the Dnieper to cook the fish broth with bream in Dneprovsky style. In the Vinnytsia region, they prepare a bigos – stewed cabbage with meat and mushrooms. Another very popular meal is beef soup with minced beef meat, seasoned with roots, cheese and spices.

Eastern Ukraine

About 50 recipes of okroshka are known in the Donbass, so that everyone could find something to his taste. Also make sure to try baken shin – back part of a pork leg seasoned with salt and spices, and baked in the dough. If you have a chance to eat in Luhansk, try minced pork and beef meat, laid out on a piece of linen, topped with omelet and large boiled carrots. If you try Sloboda borscht in Kharkiv region, it will definitely be special because they also add beans and meatballs. And for the second course try grechnuku: meatballs with buckwheat.

However, due to the anti-terroristic operation in the Donbass, we do not recommend (2018) to visit this territory – namely Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Western Ukraine

In Prykarpattya region, they serve banush – a thick porridge of corn grits seasoned with sour cream, with fried bacon and feta cheese. Carpathians is a land of porcini mushrooms, and they masterfully cook the delicious mushroom soup with sour cream. Chinakhi is a meal popular in Bukovina. Also in the Chernivtsi region it is worth trying a homemade cheese and traditional corn porridge – hominy.

In Transcarpathia, bograch is a very popular meal; it came from Hungarian cuisine. To cook it, use goulash, seasoned with roots and Carpathian herbs, and boil it all in can. In Transcarpathia zavyvantsu is the name for meat rolls from beef with a mixture of boiled eggs, salted cucumber, fat and raw grated potatoes. Also, Western Ukraine is famous for its variety of home-made sausages.

Mazuriki in Volynsky style are home-made sausages made of turkey, butter and cheese. In this region, it is worth trying Polissya verguns – these are delicate dough products fried in oil. When in Lviv, make sure to try wonderful Viennese rolls – strudli. In the Rivne region, try popular kartoplyanyki (or zrazy) and matzyky – pig stomach stuffed with jerky. Machanka is a thick soup with meat, flour, onion, and ground sweet pepper; it is popular meal in Ternopil region. In Khmelnytsky region, they like potato sausage: pork guts stuffed with grated raw potatoes and baked in the oven.


Ask Guide me UA to organize GASTRO TOUR in Kiev

Many people are in perplexity with trips like these, but for many it is quite clear why other people like it. Have you ever tried verguns, kifliks or matzyk? We did, but this is not all the variety of traditional Ukrainian meals.

Gastro tourism is not a lazy trip for foodies, but one of the ways to learn more about the country’s culture and get to know its true color.

Eco Tourism

Yet, food is not everything for us. Nowadays everyone is concerned about the issues of global warming, recycling and other problems related to the environment. Thanks to endless disputes, Ukrainians began spending more time outdoors, and travel companies got used to new word: ecotourism, also known as green or rural tourism.

Foreign tourists in Ukraine also want to visit parks, Kiev neighborhoods and countryside.

This is a chance to improve your health, get distracted from problems and continuous flow of information.

To unite with nature, we advise you going to Pirogovo – a museum of a Ukrainian village in the open air.

If you travel in Ukraine, visit the Carpathians, Shatskie Lakes, Askania-Nova, Carpathian and Karadag Nature Reserves.

Tourism in Ukraine is actively developing! To see this, go online and see how many tourism projects and applications are created in our country. Today, thanks to different projects, you can plan a route, buy tickets, book lodging, organize trip according to your budget, study the reviews, etc. So, the main thing is your desire to travel.

The Most Interesting Excursions in Kiev:

  • Kiev General Tour – the best start to get to know the city, for those who is here for the first time.
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra – the must-see sight of Kiev, the first monastery of Kyiv, full of legends.
  • World War II Tour – the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War with 102 meters high Motherland Monument.
  • Gastro Tour – for foodies who are interested in Ukrainian cuisine.
  • Full day Tour – a mix of Old Town, Kiev Pechersk Lavra and the Museum of War.
  • Mezhyhirya Tour – tour out of the city. New outstanding attraction and the symbol of corruption.
  • Podil Tour – mysterious and cozy tour for those who like cute paths and old buildings.
  • Street Art Tour – if you want to look at Kiev from a different angle.
  • Kiev Bar Crawl – the best option for partygoers, because our beautiful lady guide will bring you to the hot spots of Kiev nightlife.


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