Travel to Eastern Europe – Map of Ukraine – Kiev Private Tours
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Map of Ukraine
2 Feb

Travel to Eastern Europe – Map of Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country in Eastern Europe. Traveling around Ukraine is a worthy choice, because the country has much to show! For your convenience we have compiled a map of Ukraine. Using it, you can make a personal route of interesting places!

Map of Ukraine


Holidays in Ukraine

Rest in Ukraine is on trend again! And this is not surprising, because the country has the mountains and the sea and a huge number of castles, manors and other attractions. There is always where to go and it is very inexpensive. Transport in Ukraine is one of the cheapest in the world and the list of directions is very wide. You can go anywhere for a day and it is not necessary to stay there for the night – you can always return; however, finding inexpensive holiday accommodation is not a problem. Look at the map of Ukraine to find your future destinations. But we recommend to start with the capital!

Now Ukrainian business more and more develops tourism.

Prices for vacation in Ukraine will certainly please you. The main thing is to choose the theme and location, and there you will sure find pleasant impressions and goodies.

Ideas for traveling around Ukraine:

Castles and fortresses of Ukraine. Beautiful castles and majestic fortresses of Ukraine deserve to be a separate theme for traveling around Ukraine! And they can be a pleasant addition to a sea rest or a trip to the mountains or caves. Many visit castles or fortresses on May holidays, but it is possible to do it in the summer or even during New Year and Christmas holidays.

TOP 10 castles and fortresses of Ukraine 

  • Kamenets-Podilsky Fortress
  • Khotyn Fortress
  • Belgorod-Dniester Fortress
  • Palanok Castle or Mukachevo Castle
  • Olesko Castle, near Lviv
  • Pidhirtsi (or Pidhirtsi Castle)
  • Svirzh or Svirzhsky Castle
  • Castle in Zolochev
  • Fortress in Lutsk or Lubart Castle
  • The Fortress of Uzhhorod

Many of abovementioned fortresses stood for hundreds of years waiting for you to see them and probably will stand still for a long time so that your children and grandchildren can visit them. Go on exciting trip to the Castles of Ukraine!

Caves of Ukraine would be ideal for those who prefer unusual holidays. Yes, here you will not have a chance to check-in in social networks… But caves are exclusive places. Not everyone may enter the cave and it may open its wonders only to special people. And at the same time it is an important part for those who travel around Ukraine, because under the earth you can find the huge and incredibly beautiful palaces created by Ukrainian nature!

You can visit the equipped caves in Crimes and Carpathians, and you can find like-minded people in active tourism clubs and speleology to go on a wild sports or scientific raid, a mixture of mountain climbing and rock climbing. Not scared? Then go ahead! Move ahead to accomplishments! Moreover, in Ukraine you can visit the longest cave in the world – the Optimistic Cave, located in Ternopil region.

Ski resorts in Ukraine will satisfy any skier and snowboarder. Winter is not the time to sleep! Winter is created to ride! Do you want an elite holiday at a world-class resort? Go to Bukovel! Do you want a guarantee of snow and High Mountains? Dragobrat is at your service! Love interesting trails, but do not want to spend much money? Drive to Pylypets and Podobovets! Are you extreme and ready for difficulties? Kosiv is waiting for you! Want to come with all the family? Then you need to grab skis and boards and instantly go to Migovo! No family!?! Are you a student? Then take a train ticket and go to Slavske!

Let’s list the places where you can go in Ukraine:


The capital of Ukraine boasts incredible monuments of architecture. Numerous Orthodox churches are especially unusual for the eye of the European. Since ancient times Kiev was a very significant city – the center of the Kievan Rus.

Today it is not only a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians, but also a modern city with a rich cultural and social life. In summer almost every day there are various festivals, concerts and performances. There are a lot of Universities and schools, as well as many interesting courses from cooking to massage. And Andrievsky Descent can be called not only the most colorful place in Kiev, but also a fair of hand-made goods in non-stop mode. This is the best place to buy unusual man-made things or paintings of contemporary Ukrainian artists.

Be sure to visit St. Sophia Cathedral and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Many may also be interested in the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. It is important to note that Kiev is a very green city and looks great while travelling on a river tram along the Dnieper. From the St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral, in fact from Vladimirskaya Gorka, you need to go down on the funicular (which replaces public transport in this part of the city) to Pochtova Square and walk to the pier. From the Khreshchatyk Street, you can also take the metro to the Dnieper metro station, where you can also buy ticket for pleasure boats.

Views on the emerald Kiev hills from the water are really amazing.



In summer Odessa (and surrounding area) is always in high esteem: beautiful, colorful, and on the seacoast! One can safely say that one day is not enough for Odessa! Even simply wandering around the city is interesting, and there are also the catacombs, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky and its fortress, and much more. Even the Privoz market is worth spending all day there. Those who are fine with Ukrainian off-road can go to Vilkovo – “Ukrainian Venice”. Be sure to try frog legs! Around Odessa there are many settlements that are considered to be resorts. Zatoka is one of the most popular; there you can find both a comfortable hotel with its own beach, and rent a room in a wooden house. In Odessa and the surrounding area, many festivals are held, so a trip to Odessa can be combined with a visit to one of them. Also there are all sorts of musical events, so there is something to choose by interests. In addition, there are many interesting places in Odessa, and it is considered the center of the night life of the southern coast, so it will not be boring! On holidays all Kievites come to Odessa to hang out.


They say this is the city with the best Ukrainian coffee. Lviv is a very beautiful city, and it also offers various types of recreation.

For example, you can climb the tower of the town hall in the center of the Market Square, go to museums (museum-pharmacy, arsenal, historical museum, brewing museum and other), explore the mountain “High Castle“, drink coffee in the “Italian Courtyard” but a visit to the Lychakiv Cemetery will be one of the most memorable. Be sure to visit one or several colorful establishments in Lviv: “Kryivka”, “Masoch” and others. If you arrived in Lviv for a few days, then it is possible to go on a tour of the castles of Western Ukraine: Svirzh, Zolochiv, Pidhirtsi, Olesko (closest to Lviv). All kinds of festivals are constantly held in Lviv. The most convenient way to get to Lviv is by train. Just one night, and you’re there. The problem is that Lviv is a very popular city, and usually when people think where to go for New Year and Christmas in Ukraine, they immediately choose Lviv.

Kamenets-Podilsky is famous for its castle, the festival of ballooning (many balloons participate), excellent opportunities for rock-climbers, and speleologists must visit the cave “Atlantis”. Near Kamenets-Podilsky there is another famous castle – Khotyn. Both castles can be visited for one light day, without staying for the night. By the way, for those who like meat visiting steak-house London can be pf particular interest (near the market, where buses and minibuses to Khotyn stop). Try a pomegranate marinade steak!

Uzhgorod is interesting not only for castles in the city itself, around and in the near Mukachevo, but also for opportunity to observe the cherry blossoms and magnolias in April. From Uzhgorod it is very easy to get to Slovakia, because it is almost on the border. Tickets to Mikhailovce can be bought for only 3-4 euros and to Kosice – for about 6-7 euros. Slovakia is part of the EU and the Schengen area.

Chernivtsi is called one of the most romantic cities in Ukraine. In addition, it is very convenient to go to Romania or Bulgaria from Chernivtsi. The cost of a bus ticket from Chernivtsi to Rumanian Suceava is only 10 euros or less.

Particular attention shall be paid to the architectural ensembles of the Central and Theater Squares in Chernivtsi, as well as the so-called “Metropolitan Residence”, where the pride of Ukraine is located – Chernivtsi University. Visiting Chernivtsi is often combined with a trip to Khust or Kamenets-Podolsky. Also, through Chernivtsi from Western Ukraine, you can travel to Bulgaria through Romania not only by car, but also by international public bus.

Carpathians are interesting for visiting both in winter and in summer. In winter, numerous ski resorts such as Bukovel, high mountain Dragobrat, democratic Podobavets, Pilipets and Slavske host many skiers and snowboarders. In summer, many tourist centers, health resorts and recreation centers start to operate, offering hiking tours of the mountains, waterfalls and lakes, as well as gathering forest berries and mushrooms. One of the popular holiday destinations is the town of Yaremche; it is very easy to reach majority of ski centers from there. Yaremche offers all the benefits of civilization and all the advantages of mountain recreation. Carpathians are especially popular in winter, for the ski season (mainly we are talking about January, the first half of February, when there is snow everywhere in the mountains).

Migia is a great place to try something new, namely rafting on the South Bug River. Those who like active rest can conquer all the new thresholds of Migia, and those who prefer a quiet holiday can walk along the picturesque riversides, bathe in the Radonovo Lake or fish.

Askania Nova is a natural Ukrainian reserve. It is not so easy to get to Askaniya-Nova, but the impressions that visitors get are definitely worth it! Go to the biosphere reserve from April 1 until October 10. Cash desk works from 10 am to 5 pm. In the reserve you can buy seedlings, as well as some animals for breeding. In Askania-Nova there is a zoo. Also there is an opportunity to ride in a horse-drawn carriage. The possibility of horse walks and photo safaries should be specified separately upon arrival.

Shatski Lakes are ideal for people who prefer to make variety in sea or mountain holidays. The Shatski Lakes have all the possibilities for a wonderful holiday both in the houses and in the tent right next to the water, for which special campsites are organized. The main recreation areas are: “Ridge”, “Svityaz”, “Gushove” and “Pesochnoe” ecosites. It is great idea for traveling with children or for fishing.

Chernigov is an excellent city for a one-day trip from Kiev. Here you can walk around the historical center, visit the local Lavra, but the favorite resting place is the city park, which was broken in place of the ancient city. It’s especially nice to come to Chernigov in the spring, when the gardens are in blossom. Flowering begins on average two weeks later than in the capital, which allows extending the spring at least for one more day. Believers can independently organize a pilgrimage to Chernigov.

Truskavets is a legendary resort of mineral waters. They go here mainly for a quiet rest and recovery. Life here is slow, and a huge number of sanatoriums and health resorts will allow you to relax as much it is ever possible.

Crimea – a journey for those who are not afraid of difficulties with the customs.

Lutsk is a pleasant town in the north-west of Ukraine with its own beautiful castle named after Lubert. Shatski Lakes are not far from the city. And also you can travel around, in Dubno, for example.

Dubno can boast its own magnificent castle with two palaces on the territory and impressive defensive walls. And next to Dubno there is also a fortification – a mysterious Tarakanovski Fort just 7 km from the city center!

Travel around Kiev:

1. The Kievan Rus Park – amusement park you will most definitely enjoy, where you can try the Slavic cuisine, watch horse performances and ride horses. The entrance to the park is paid. You can get there by minibus (small bus).

2. The ostrich farm. Actually, there are two ostrich farms near Kiev. The first is the Yasnogorodska ostrich farm, which is also called the “Valley of Ostriches” (Kyiv region, Makarov district, village of Yasnogorodka, 32 Pidlisna Street).

3. The Kiev Sea is an excellent place for fishing and rest by the water. On the territories of special fishing recreation centers you can fish pike and pike perch both from the boat and from special fishing bridges. Everything you need can be rented on site. Usually there is a stock fish on sale. Here you can rent a room and even a bed. There is also the possibility of fishing and camping.

4. Mezhyhirya – the former presidential residence has an excellent park. You can book an excursion or go here on your own. If you go to Mezhyhiria, dress sportively and to put on comfortable shoes – the territory of the park is quite large.


Mezhihorie tour by Guide me UA


5. The city of Bila Tserkva is notable for its large Alexandrovsky Park. You can get there by bus or train.

6. Rzhishchiv and Trypillya – there are as many as three museums devoted to Trypillian culture – two in the village Trypillya and one in Rzhyshchiv. The bus from Trypillya to Rzhyshchiv goes every half hour. Attractions in Trypillia: the place of strength Devich Mountain, the archaeological museum.

7. Kanev is notable for the fact that it is here that the tomb of Taras Shevchenko and the memorial complex dedicated to the great Ukrainian poet are located. Kanev is an ideal weekend destination from Kiev.

8. Uman gives the opportunity to enjoy a walk in one of the best arboretums of Ukraine – Sofiyivka. Especially if you have not been here yet. Every year in September, the traditional tranquility and dimensionality in Uman are replaced by noise, din and merriment – pilgrims-Hasidim come to the city. The grave of tsadiq Rabbi Nachman (Bratslavsky) in Uman attracts tens of thousands of Hasidic supporters to the city. They consider it their duty to visit at least once in their life the grave of tsadik Nachman.

9. Korsun-Shevchenkovsky attracts its visitors with the Lopukhins Palace (other names: the estate of Stanislav Poniatowski, Lopukhin-Demidovs), as well as the landscape park around. The idea to come here in summer is especially good, as there is an opportunity to sunbathe on huge stone rocks on the Ros River. Be sure to see the statue of “Rusich”.

10. Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky is one of the locations near Kiev, worthy of repeated visits! Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is the main, but not the only landmark in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky. And about 30 more museums! Here you will see homes, dugouts, and even Cossack outposts for every taste and color! MUST SEE in the Kiev region.

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