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10 Jul

Top 10 Ukrainian Souvenirs to Bring from Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine is distinguished by its indisputable color, and most often they bring things with a special soul, with the warmth of the hands of the people who created them as a souvenir. It’s unlikely that you will look for ultra-stylish things: they will not convey the mood of this country and the character of the people at all. However, in this article we tried to collect completely different souvenirs from Ukraine, which you will surely want to buy.

Typical souvenirs from Ukraine for foreigners

To begin with we will consider the most top-end purchases that tourists make in Ukraine. You can call it all banal, but all the same, being in this country, the hand is sure to reach for the wallet to buy it all. Especially when you see these embroideries!

Traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt (vyshyvanka)

We will not be mistaken if we say that Ukraine today is almost the only country that managed to bring the element of the national costume to a whole new level. Seven years ago, embroidery was a standard part of the ancestral life of the ancestors, and today Ukrainian youth wears it every day in completely different variations. And the most interesting is that it looks really stylish.

How much: from 400 to 2000 UAH

Vyshyvanka probably will be your main purchase, so we wanna share some interesting facts. A few years ago, before the well-known Ukrainian events, the designer Vita Keen released a unique collection, which included long handmade embroideries. It was supposed to wear them as dresses: the models looked simply stunning, and today Vita’s collections can be purchased in the best department stores in the world. Moreover, she was spoken about in Vogue which infrequently pampers designers from the post-Soviet space. Thus, Ukrainian embroidery appeared on the world market. Moreover, the print is traditional, not simply interpreted. The price of such designer cloth is rather high; tourist with an average income is likely to buy such dress-embroidery only as a gift.



T-shirts with patriotic prints

These stylish t-shirts can be found in almost every souvenir shop, and today they are also a kind of trend. There are a huge number of different models: both the youth and older tourists will find something interesting. If you don’t like any of the t-shirts, pay attention to sweatshirts: designers Olga Navrotskaya and Fedor Vozianov make cool stuff.

How much: democratic Joyfactory T-shirt costs about 200 UAH; T-shirts of the famous Ukrainian X’U start from 280 UAH. If you want to buy a trendy design item from Olga Navrotskaya, be ready to pay a minimum of 600 UAH.

Where to buy: in almost any souvenir shop and in showrooms of Ukrainian designers.

Mace – symbol of power

In ancient times the mace was a weapon of Cossacks. Today, the mace means power, and Ukrainian presidents put one hand on the Constitution of Ukraine during the inauguration, and in the other they hold a mace.

Ukrainian accessories

Such gifts in the Ukrainian style will suit mostly girls and women. There are wreaths with flowers both colorful and with ribbons – suitable only for national costumes, and quite casual or evening style. If you look carefully, you can find the handmade necklaces of stunning beauty.

How much: men’s hats from 100 UAH; wreaths from 60 UAH; hoops in the Ukrainian style from 30 UAH; necklace with an ornament from 500 UAH.

Bag with Ukrainian print

Another practical option of what to bring from Ukraine as a gift. It’s not about design totes, but about nice linen handbags: as a rule such bags have funny drawings or traditional ornaments. As for the material, we advise you to choose natural flax (though, this bag will cost a little bit more). By the way, such a gift is not only for women: there are also options for men.

How much: from 80 to 200 UAH

FYI! If you are interested in designer bags created in Ukraine, then look for models with the label Kofta. Konstantin Kofta, designer from Ukraine creates things that cannot be forgotten. His style is so recognizable that you will see shoes or bag of this brand among a thousand others. Everything is very sensual and elegant. Konstantin mostly uses irregular forms and rough skin. To some extent, Kofta epitomizes: his last collection, for example, is dedicated to human fear.

Yes, and please remember that bringing such a bag as a gift to a glamorous young lady will not be exactly accurate hit. But if you present such a thing to a connoisseur of this style, you will be thanked in full.

Book from Ukraine

Of course, we also believe that the best gift for an intellectual is a book. The book about Ukraine: honest and exciting. We suggest you paying attention to the following options: “Mother’s Prayer. Ukrainian women to Heroes of the Maidan”; “People” by Christina Berdinskikh; “Boritesya-poborete! Poetika revolyutsіi”; Mihailo Slaboshpitsky “Gambit nadіi”. You can also buy “Povstanska abetka”; “Euromaidan Chronicle of emotions;” Euromaidan. Lyrical chronicle”;” Heavenly Hundred: anthology of Maidan poems”.

However, make sure that the recipient understands the language – all these books are in Ukrainian.

How much: from 30 to 200 UAH

Standard souvenirs with Ukrainian symbols

Didn’t like anything from the above? Then pay attention to the standard yet still nice little things. Magnets, trinkets, pillows, figurines, cards, mugs, plates… The choice in souvenir shops is enormous, all you have to do is have a look and decide.

How much: magnets cost from 5 to 15 UAH; cups from 45 UAH; the minimum price for a pillow is 150 UAH; cosmetic bags with Ukrainian ornament cost about 50 UAH ; the standard price for a postcard is 15 UAH; a beer glass with national symbols costs about 100 UAH; a souvenir cover for a passport costs about 60 UAH.

Petrykivka painting

No one can take his eyes off from these colorful items: the craftsmen paint plates, spoons, mugs, jewel-cases. This folk painting was once born close to the Dnieper River, and since then the art is flourishing. By the way, this technology is protected by UNESCO, but you can bring such a souvenir only from Ukraine.

How much: from 400 UAH

Ukrainian souvenirs: what food can you bring?

Pork belly (lard)

This product has long been associated with Ukraine. However, there is one significant issue for those who want to bring it as a souvenir: many customs do not allow importing such food products.

We are talking about home-cooked lard, which is the most delicious. Therefore, we advise eating it in plenty, while in the country, and take a souvenir box of fat in chocolate for example. Such original gifts from Ukraine will definitely be appreciated!

How much: from 30 UAH


The real “Kiev cake” is the best purchase. Local factory Roshen, owned by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko makes rather good cakes. Their brand stores are scattered all over the city.

Try The real “Kiev cake” while the Gastro Tour by Guide me UA!

Ukrainian Alcohol

When in Ukraine, it is absolutely necessary to try national tinctures: hrenovuha, medovukha and vyshnivka. There are options made of currant, raspberries, mandarins, all kinds of herbs… The list is rather varied and long, and they are all delicious.

The city that is especially famouse of such liquers is Lviv: if you are there, be sure to check the souvenir shop on the first floor of the restaurant “Gasova Lampa”: one does not know where to look first. Also, we advise you to pay attention to the legendary champagne “Kiev”.

How much: from 100 UAH

And don’t hesitate to take the Bar Crawl with a local to hidden speak easy bars of Kyiv!

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