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Pantagruel and other great Kiev restaurants
2 Oct

Pantagruel and other great Kiev restaurants


Address: 1 Lysenko str.
Average check: 900 UAH
Food: Italian

Pantagruel is located in the historic center of Kiev near the Golden Gate. Here they serve all the most popular Italian meals and, according to many restaurateurs, it was Pantagruel that succeeded in this matter: the restaurant serves one of the best paste in the city. In addition, they offer excellent wine menu and have remarkable wine cellar.

 Pantagruel restaurante Kiev


Address: 14/1 Mechnikov str.
Average check: 950 UAH
Food: Chinese

The concept of the restaurant belongs to Hector Jimenez-Bravo, Canadian and Ukrainian chef. The place has bright interior and show kitchen. This is a restaurant of modern Chinese cuisine, which means that there are noodles, seafood, vegetables and duck in the menu.

BAO restaurant Kiev

Bassano restaurant

Address: 100 Velyka Vasylkivska str.
Average check: 700 UAH
Food: Italian

This restaurant was first opened 15 years ago in Donetsk, and last May the institution moved to the capital. They offer traditional Italian meals here, with most of the products delivered directly from Italy. In addition to the main menu, the chef has special seasonal offers.

 Bassano restaurant Kiev

BEEF Meat&Wine

Address: 11 Shota Rustaveli str.
Average check: 1.000 UAH
Food: Steak House

True American steaks and good wine are the main things that characterize this restaurant. The show kitchen allows you to watch the work of cooks right from the hall. The place also has special Chef’s Table for gourmets; it is a table, placed directly in the kitchen, with the special menu developed; each item of this menu is personally cooked by the chef.

 BEEF Meat&Wine KievBiancoro Boutique Bar

Address: 4 Basseyna str.
Average check: 500 UAH
Food: Italian and French

Its creators say that Biancoro Boutique Bar is the most populous among Sergey Gusovsky restaurants – this is a place where you can not only have a good dinner, but also drink a glass of prosecco or meet business partner for a cup of espresso. They are most of all proud of their cocktails that are prepared by their barista; he makes both original and classical ones.

Biancoro Boutique Bar Kiev


Address: 7a Klovsky Uzviz
Average check: 600 UAH
Food: Italian

This is a typical restaurant of traditional Italian cuisine. Moreover, in Bigoli they cook mainly from products brought from Italy. All the paste served here is prepared following all the rules; they cook it right here, in the kitchen, using Italian flour. The specialty of the restaurant is a bigoli paste made of buckwheat or wheat flour and duck eggs. It is served with a duck.

Bigoli Italian restaurant Kiev

Black market restaurant

Address: 2 Mechnikov str.
Average check: 1.000 UAH
Food: original

The owners of the place assure that the restaurant is intended for foodies and gourmets because the food they serve can be found only here and nowhere else. Here they use extraordinary combinations of ingredients and new cooking techniques. There are several different style rooms and a spacious greenhouse in the center, where live music is played in the evenings

Black market restaurante Kiev

Fujiwara Yoshi

Address: 15a Solomyanska str.
Average check: 1.000 UAH
Food: Japanese

The restaurant of the famous chef Fujiwara Yoshihiro reflects the best traditions of Japanese cuisine. Here they prepare genuine sushi and serve fresh seafood meals. One of the specialties of the place is Tuna Day when a fish weighing from 50 to 150 kg is specifically tailored to the restaurant in different parts of the world and delivered by air to Kiev. After that, the chef guts this fish in front of the visitors and cooks special meals.

Japanese cuisine in Kiev


Address: 75 Zhilyanskaya str.
Average check: 1.000 UAH
Food: Steak House

The signature dish of this restaurant is steaks on the coals, although there are also burgers, European cuisine of seafood and vegetables in the menu. Visitors are offered a large selection of wines and other alcohol.

Goodman restaurant Kiev

Musafir (Halal)

Address: 57a Saksaganskogo str.
Average check: 300 UAH
Food: Crimean Tatar

This restaurant was one of the main attractions of the Crimean Bakhchisarai, and after the annexation of the Crimea, the institution moved to the capital. The place specializes in the main meals of Crimean Tatar cuisine – chebureki, yantiks, pilaw, kebabs.

Musafir halal restaurant in Kiev


Address: 9 Mechnikov str.
Average check: 700 UAH
Food: Italian

Napule Pizzeria, which is part of Sergey Gusovsky group of restaurants, is one of the best establishments of Italian cuisine in Kiev. Their pizza is especially popular. The restaurant uses authentic Italian technology – there is even a special wood furnace delivered from Naples. Naples is also where the restaurant buys flour for pizza.

Napule Pizzeria in Kiev

Porto restaurant 

Address: 72 Velyka Vasylkivska str.
Average check: 800 UAH
Food: Mediterranean

The restaurant has original menu that has all the best from the traditional cuisines of countries located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Priority is meals made of fish and seafood, which are specially delivered to Ukraine three times a week. Visitors can choose the ingredients and the way they are cooked – on grill, in salt, in steam or in a frying pan.

Porto restaurant Kiev

San Paolo restaurant

Address: 4 Museum lane
Average check: 700 UAH
Food: original

This is a trendy three-story restaurant with stylish interiors and varied cuisine. They serve breakfasts, original interpretations of Japanese and European cuisine. The restaurant is proud of its special vegetarian menu. Vegetables and greens that are served are from restaurant’s own greenhouse. Musical and gastronomic evenings are also held regularly.

San Paolo restaurant Kiev

Under Wonder

Address: 21 Velyka Vasylkivska str.
Average check: 700 UAH
Food: Italian

The peculiarity of this round-the-clock restaurant is a table in the center of one of the halls; the table is always full of freshly baked bread and extra seasonings and spices. The menu includes paste, meat and traditional Italian desserts. In the summer, parties with seasonal menus are arranged here.

Under Wonder restaurant Kiev

Vero Vero

Address: 18 Ilyinska str.
Average check: 600 UAH
Food: Italian

The Vero Vero is all traditional Italian cuisine in one place. Founders are proud of the fact that there are always fresh food, many of which are brought directly from Italy. One more reason for pride is one of the most beautiful summer squares in the city. It is located in the middle of the square, next to the fountain.

 Vero Vero restaurante in Kiev

Vino Е Cucina

Address: 82 Sitchovykh Striltsiv str.
Average check: 900 UAH
Food: Italian

The establishment combines restaurant, pizzeria and enoteka. The collection of the restaurant offers over 1000 wines, 100 champagne and sparkling wines types, as well as 50 species of grappa. You can enjoy alcohol at the restaurant or take it home.

 Italian cuisine in Kiev

Givi Rubinstein

Address: 44b Konovalets str.
Average check: 500 UAH
Food: Ukrainian, European, Georgian, Odessa

The menu of the institution harmoniously combines various culinary traditions. Here you can taste the traditional vorschmak, khachapuri, hummus or dressed herring. At the same time, many classic meals will surprise you with original filing or unexpected combinations – such as black khinkali with shrimps.

Georgian cuisine in Kiev

Gra z vognem (Playing with fire)

Address: 6 Khreshchatyk str.
Average check: 700 UAH
Food: Steak House

Waiters of the restaurant bring classical steaks with unexpected original sauces and seasonings. In addition, along with the culinary masterpieces of European cuisine, the menu includes originally cooked traditional Ukrainian meals – for example, borsch with blueberries and goat cheese or pork ears with a duck.

 Gra z vognem restaurant

Zhyzn Zamechatelnykh Lyudei (The Life of Remarkable People)

Address: 36 Velyka Vasylkivska str.
Average check: 600 UAH
Food: original

This is a noisy fashionable establishment with a large selection of breakfasts and a variety of meals for a later time of the day; all the food here surprises with its original combinations and vivid performance. The menu is very varied: along with kebab, it has ravioli, oysters and sashimi from seabass, and many more.

Breakfast in Kiev. Coffee in Kiev


Address: 19a Andrew’s Descent
Average check: 1.000 UAH
Food: Ukrainian

This is the establishment of a new Ukrainian cuisine of European quality, opened by restaurateur Dima Borisov and musician Oleg Skrypka. The Kanapa menu was created on the basis of pre-revolutionary recipes in modern interpretation using molecular cooking techniques. The interior is thought over and live music is played in the evenings. Beautiful view of the Podol from panoramic windows is an extra bonus for visitors.

 Ukrainian cuisine in Kiev

Lyubimyi dyadya (My dear uncle)

Address: 20 Pankivska str.
Average check: 900 UAH
Food: Middle East

Lyubimyi dyadya is the first project of the restaurateur Dmitry Zaporozhets and the Kharkov First Line Group in the capital. The menu has a lot of little-known names, and the meals combine various cuisines of the Mediterranean. Visitors are offered a promising wine menu, as well as original cocktails.

Good restaurants in Kiev

Ostannya Barykada (The last barricade)

Address: Independence Square, 1
Average check: 600 UAH
Food: Ukrainian, European

The concept of the institution is a restaurant of a generation of free people born after the three revolutions in Ukraine. All meals reflect the Ukrainian flavor and are in modern original style. In addition, the creators are proud of the first 100% Ukrainian bar, which offers only the highest quality domestic drinks.

 Ostannya Barykada restaurante Kiev

Prague restaurant

Address: Academician Glushkov ave., 1
(National Expocenter of Ukraine)
Average check: 1.000 UAH
Food: European

Here you can enjoy delicious European cuisine for all tastes. They serve breakfast, business lunch and seasonal menus. The main advantage of the restaurant is its interior, which includes more than eight halls, including several summer terraces. One of the most beautiful terraces is located directly on the water in the middle of the park. In the evenings live music is played.

 Praha restaurant in Kiev

Ryba v ogne (Fish in the fire)

Address: 23 Sagaidachnogo str.
Average check: 800 UAH
Food: Italian

This is a classic fish restaurant serving more than twenty kinds of fish and seafood. The seafood is cooked with vegetables exclusively in the oven. However, those who like meat were also taken care of – the menu provides several non-traditional meals of traditional Italian cuisine.

 Classic fish restaurant in Kiev

Fish Market restaurant

Address: 24a Vladimirska str.
Average check: 700 UAH
Food: Mediterranean

Another popular restaurant, which serves primarily fish and seafood that are delivered exclusively fresh. In addition, the place offers impressive wine menu. At the request of the visitor, sommelier can kept the bottle you did not finish until your next visit.

Fish restaurant Kiev


Address: 4/6 Suvorov str.
Average check: 600 UAH
Food: Georgian

The menu of the restaurant serves the best Georgian cuisine. The choice is great: from phali, kharcho and khachapuri to famous kebabs, lamb corn and baklava. The place serves exclusively Georgian wine and of course chacha.

the best Georgian cuisine in Kiev

Khutorets na Dnipri

Address: 10a Naberezhno-Khreshchatyk str.
Average check: 600 UAH
Food: Ukrainian

The menu contains the best meals from all over Ukraine starting with Transcarpathian banos and up to the Kiev cake. Here they serve seven kinds of pork fat and three types of lard, five species of borscht and seven kinds of vareniki. The establishment also has a special vodka room with 80 kinds of vodka from all over Ukraine. In addition, in summer there is a picturesque terrace on the water and pleasure boats.

Ukrainian cuisine restaurant in Kiev


Address: 9 Mechnikov str
Average check: 800 UAH
Food: Georgian

The concept of the institution is the Georgian gastronomic culture in elegant and comfortable interior. The menu includes meals from all Georgian regions. For example, home-made bread is cooked in the form of a boat: it is baked in front of the visitors in traditional Georgian oven tone, equipped in one of the halls.

Kate Dobromishev

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