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Lviv Nightlife with pleasure
26 Oct

Lviv Nightlife – Where to go at night in Lviv

Lviv offers its guests a huge list of entertainment for every taste. You will definitely explore the extraordinary Lviv Nightlife with pleasure!

THE BEST Restaurants in Lviv

Probably many of those who have already visited Lviv have their favorite venues there. Someone is crazy about the Kumpel beer restaurant, someone loves the Jewish atmosphere “Under the Golden Rose” or the heat from the gas stoves of the Gasowa Lampa; many insist that it is best to spend time in extreme interiors of the Mazoch Cafe or tasting culinary delights in “Krivaya Lipa”.

BDSM cafe in Lviv – Mazoch Cafe

And of course, all city visitors must go to the famous “Kryivka” – a tavern, styled as a Bandera caches or forest partisan shelter.

Kryivka is the most famous restaurant in Lviv!

Here is an example of the menu of Kryivka:

Meals in the restaurant are home-cooked and served in pans, pots, and on plates, and drinks are offered in aluminum “soldier’s” cups. Prices are quite reasonable.

  • Dumplings with meat and sour cream – 38 UAH
  • Black pudding with sauerkraut – 44 UAH
  • Trout baked with potatoes – 82 UAH
  • Salads – 42 UAH
  • Pancakes with poppy seeds – 44 UAH
  • Mead – 14 UAH
  • Ice cream with honey – 26 UAH
  • Coffee – 22 UAH

All these and many other venues are really worthy of attention and are bright places.

“According to our Lviv guide Maxim, one can and should walk a lot here, going from a tavern to a tavern, staying for 15 minutes in one place and for hours in the other. So for the evening, you can get around up to 15 places and get really drunk till the end of such a tour. We, of course, as inexperienced party-goers, were offered a more benign option – 3 restaurants in 3 hours,” says a guest from Switzerland.

Where to go in Lviv

Lviv Nightlife is unusual. All the restaurants and bars in Lviv are thematic, however we have chosen the brightest ones that you should definitely visit.

Lviv Nightlife Tour


Drunk cherry (Pianaya vishnya)

Most of the parties and evening meetings in Lviv begin at its central Market Square. The concentration of taverns here is so high that many of these trips end here. Go to the local pub “Drunk Cherry”. It is famous for the fact that there is no menu here, since there is only one offer – cherry liqueur. No snacks – only scarlet alcohol drink. The entire interior here is also somehow connected with the drink. It looks simple and in style. The only point is it does not have enough space.

Beautiful chandelier in Drunk Сherry

Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy

The next interesting place is the legendary Lviv’s Kopalnya Kavy, which means coffee mine.

When in Lviv, everything is possible, and in this coffee shop you can go down to the basement and get into an almost real mine, where they mine coffee (allegedly).

At the entrance here they usually give miner helmets with flashlights. It will not do without the latter, since there are almost no light sources in the mine.

Where to go in lviv to drink coffee

In complete darkness, find a free table and wait for the waiter. Of course, guests usually order coffee here: it is served along with a fire show when sugar on the foam in the cups is caramelized with a powerful flame from a gas burner. Cool! This coffee shop is really popular among city hosts and tourists.

Lviv Coffee and Chocolate Tour

On the ground floor there is a large souvenir shop and quite a traditional pub with live music.

Warm Piec

A little away from the square is a pub “Warm Pyzets” that makes Lviv Nightlife special. Its owners brought ancient stoves from all the region and organically included them into the interior of this venue. It looks unusual, interesting and very comfortable.

House of Legends

Also check out another famous Lviv restaurant “House of Legends”.

In this very unusual place you can feel like children a fantastic world. Each room there is special, with its original interior. In the “House of Legends” there is a room of Lviv pavement, a room of Lviv lions, and a room of Lviv books.

All themes are legends about the city. But the coolest thing to do is to climb onto the roof and get into the chimney, feeling like a Lviv chimney sweep.

To enhance the effect of surprise, you will see a car with oars on the roof, and on one floor of the restaurant dwarfs serve. One of the disadvantages of this institution is a ban on photographing inside the restaurant.

Salo restaurant in Lviv

Another legendary place is the restaurant-museum with the straightforward name Salo.

It serves a very strange liqueur “Borsch” with the real taste of the famous soup, and sushi from lard for a snack.

Sushi or Salo?

Also make sure to go to the wc in every Lviv pub. Usually it causes bouts of surprise and laughter. Creativity in the latrice places exceeds all the limits. We will not tell intimate details, but you should know – every place is unique!

Also it is mandatory to visit some local beer bar. Even if you are not a fan of beer, it can be very, very interesting.

Beer restaurant “Pravda Beer Theater” in Lvov

The brewery itself, a company store, several visitor halls and a concert venue are located on three floors and the basement.


Here they make beer batches and give them the original names. It is here that you can drink a glass of “Putin”, “Obama” or “Merkel”. A batch of Trump beer is on the way.


The interiors are very bright and memorable. But most importantly, every evening a live orchestra plays.


Kupitsa Pub in Lviv

In addition to original liqueurs and craft beer, they also offer very tasty Hungarian meals. They say it is so tasty that even the Hungarians come here to eat. Here you can easily stay both with a large company, and find a secluded corner if you want to stay private.

For skeptics and those who like counting money – on average a glass of beer in Lviv costs 50 eurocents. A glass of liqueur or local vodka costs the same.

For those who like more traditional methods of getting drunk, we offer classic establishments that you can easily find in any other city. Although what’s the point of coming to Lviv and going to an ordinary bar to drink Margarita or White Russian?

Libraria Speak Easy Bar in Lviv

There are three reasons why you should come here. First is the interior. All in the best Lviv traditions: vintage furniture, slightly aged walls and a beautiful view from the window.

Secondly, it is jazz. Jazz concerts are organized every week. Libraria is a partner of Alfa Jazz Fest. During the festival, the bar turns into a platform for rehearsals and master classes. Therefore, if you do not have a chance to listen to music at the festival, do not be sad – go to Libraria.

And thirdly, these are cocktails of course. The cocktail menu here has 38 (!) pages, and bartenders can prepare about 200 kinds of drinks. This is the motto of the bar: “There is no cocktail that we cannot prepare.” Wanna check it?

Dr.Ink food & drink Bar in Lviv

Dr.Ink food & drink is an ideal combination of conversations, meetings, food, music and alcohol. The interior combines elegance and homemade comfort. There is a lot of wood in interior. The wall in the main hall shows portraits of Remarque, Hemingway and Jack London – thanks to them millions of readers appreciate Roma and Calvados, Whiskey and Daiquiri.

The menu has European cuisine, cold and hot snacks. It also has large list of elite alcoholic beverages – single-malt whiskey, bourbon, liqueurs, calvados, rum and others. The cocktail card has 10 types of cocktails.

The Room Wine Bar

Atmospheric wine and cocktail bar. Place with a special character and grateful audience. They often hold loud parties there, but at the same time, it’s a great place for romantic dates and cozy meetings with friends. You can feel the charm of an evening city on the terrace of The Room Wine Bar.


And at the End of your Lviv Bar Crawl go to Malevich Night Сlub:

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