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Kiev Nightlife in 2020: Prices and Best Kiev Bars
15 Jan

Kyiv Nightlife in 2020: Prices and Popular Kyiv Bars

Nightlife of Kiev Hi, my name is Vladimir. I live in Kyiv for more than 10 years and often hang out with friends at night, so this post will be devoted to the Nightlife of Kyiv, because I have something to say. Please fasten your seat belts, we are going to Ukraine, Kyiv.

Attention for very sensitive to grammar, there will be a lot of mistakes.

The life of the capital of Ukraine after sunset continues in bars and nightclubs: here you can find dancing, music, snacks, cocktails and entertainment for every taste. In addition to nightclubs, there are hookah bars (Ukrainians are obsessed with hookah), karaoke, bars with show programs, banquet halls. You can request for a special event on your birthday, bachelor party, bachelorette party or something else.

Each night club in Kyiv has features that attract new visitors and regular customers.

To better understand the nightclubs of Kyiv, I have divided Kyiv Night establishments into few categories:

  • bars where you can try the most delicious cocktails,
  • bars where you can dance,
  • strip clubs,
  • night clubs.

Bars with the best cocktails in Kyiv

Hitchcook Bar

Hitchcook Bar is all about cinema. It is located on the seventh floor of the Gulliver Shopping Center, next to the Oscar Cinema. Here you can discuss the details of the new blockbuster or get inspired to watch an arthouse movie. And also – feel like those heroes of the tapes who were already enjoying the legendary drinks: Carrie from Sex and the City, sipping Cosmopolitan or Marilyn Monroe, mixing a Manhattan cocktail on a regular heating pad or Ingrid Bergman, drinking in French 95 and recalling Paris in Cassablanca.

Pink Freud

A cozy courtyard on Podil, signature cocktails from masters of mixology, an informative menu, live music make this place truly unique.

I recommend: Bananoni sweet cocktail, Asia Sour Sencha tea cocktail, spicy Salty Maple Cider cocktail.

The Pink Freud bar has a lot of pink and a lot of Freuds. Pink images of the Austrian psychoanalyst in various guises decorate the walls of the courtyard and the hall of Pink Freud. The bar starts operating at 6:00 pm, mixology experts surprise guests with craft cocktails, accompanied by young musical virtuosos. The Pink Freud cocktail card is divided into four blocks according to the taste characteristics of drinks: strong, light, sweet, sour.


Hard to find and even harder to get (but worth it) and hard to forget!

LoggerHead has Speakeasy format, professional mixologists, conceptual interior, designer cocktails, mega cool presentation. I recommend: Blue Truffle Martini cocktail, Quintessence cocktail.

LoggerHead is a mecca for all lovers of craft cocktails in Kyiv. Mixology in Kyiv seems to have originated here. LoggerHead is a classic representative of Speakeasy bars, where all the sacraments take place behind an inconspicuous door, and professional bartenders create an incredible presentation of author’s mixes and turns on the theme of cult classics. The atmosphere in the bar is appropriate: dim lights, jazz and not only music, nothing should distract the guest from enjoying a drink.

N::B Cocktails Bar

N :: B oriental-style cocktail bar, showroom with bar equipment, Japanese garden, signature cocktails, popular DJ sets. I recommend: summer Ginger Rose cocktail, Nikka Chanel whiskey cocktail, Spicy Dew cocktail.

At N :: B Cocktails Bar, the focus is on whiskey-based cocktails, following the traditions of Japanese and Thai Nikka Whiskey bars. In addition to drinks, Nikka whiskeys at the N :: B Cocktails Bar also prepare original mixes from Andrei Molnar, famous Kiev bartender. In the bar, everything is saturated with the spirit of the East, from design decisions in the interior to Japanese bar equipment.

Hendrick’s bar

The place is hidden from prying eyes, has more than 40 cocktails.

I recommend: a refreshing Granita Negroni cocktail, a strong White Martinez cocktail, a Hot Lips cocktail.

Hendrick’s Bar is a modern bar in a big city where you can eat, spend free time in the company of friends with quality cocktails. Hendrik Bar is proud of the team of professional bartenders who became finalists of the most important award in the bar industry – World Class, and bartender Nadir Kuchkarov received the main prize and represented Ukraine at the world barmen competition in Mexico.

Parovoz Speak Easy

Another speakeasy bar, the best craft cocktails. I recommend: Chocolate Bellini cocktail, Something Tasty cocktail, Green Peas cocktail. Parovoz Speak Easy is the first speakeasy bar in Ukraine. It is rightfully considered the main trendsetter among Kiev bars, here you are immersed in the right bar atmosphere, and bartenders surprise with author’s twists on world classics. It is also worth noting one of the best schools of mixology, created on the basis of Parovoz Speak Easy. The course involves theoretical and practical training for bartenders with a basic level of knowledge.


It is a bar and barbershop at the same time, delicious craft cocktails, an extraordinary terrace, laconic interior.

I recommend: Pink Elephant cocktail, Pistache Milk cocktail, Disco Pisco cocktail.

The creators of S34 were inspired by Prohibition in New York, when secret bars hidden behind the walls of men’s salons gained popularity. Stylish laconic interior in muted colors, dark wood and metal; men are sheared, shaved and fashionably combed. And then they pour delicious cocktails, the authorship of which belongs to Kiev bartender Alexei Kostyuk. In S34, it is customary to simply enjoy life, communication and delicious drinks, the atmosphere without unnecessary pathos.

Bars with dance floors where you can dance

Alchemist Bar

The establishment itself says that there will be plenty of magic here. It is in everything: in the mysterious waiters and bartenders, the interior and the unusual menu. There are three halls: the first with a bar, the second with a stage for musicians, the third is secret (in the literal sense, to enter there, you must enter the code).

Some visitors complain about the large number of people in the bar, but, as for me, this is the charm of the “Alchemist”. It is crowded, but at the same time cozy, noisy, but this does not hinder to relax at all. Live music plays here every day – the style and format are very diverse. The bar, although small, but you can choose exactly the place where you will be most comfortable. If you want noise, parties and loud music — whether you’re in a large room or at the bar, if you want to be alone with your soul mate — then ask to be led to the back room: chamber, twilight, cozy tables, the old piano.

A popular cocktail for girls is Lychee martini and Salvia. Waiters recommend Basil Beauty. Well, the classic Negroni is beyond praise. For guys will work delicious black rum. If you want to eat, then here are spring rolls with duck, and steaks, and salad with duck breast, and even potatoes with garlic sauce. Everything is certainly very tasty. This is a good place, but at Tripadvisor foreigners complain that they are not allowed. Take a local who will help you get inside.

The dance floor begins to work after 23:00.

Alchemist Bar

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Опубліковано Alchemist Bar – Kyiv Середа, 4 листопада 2015 р.



In this bar you can dance whenever you want. Parties are held here every evening, and you can come for a cocktail even in the morning. In addition, here you can choose your favorite track from the jukebox and take a cocktail in a bottle with you for a hangover in the morning. DJs play at the bar, including Katro Sauber, art director of Bezdelniki. The styles of music are different: disco, hip hop and house. As an additional entertainment in the bar – a rotating table-carousel and a photo booth with instant photos. Admission is free, but face control is valid. It is fair to mention: many guests complain that entry is often refused for no apparent reason.

1 Year Bezdelniki

В этом видео все бездельники, которые кружили с нами целый год нон-стоп. Вне зависимости от погоды и похмелья. И, да, мы не планируем останавливаться. Разве что ровно на минуту прямо сейчас, чтобы пересмотреть эти кадры и вспомнить ту ночь. Video: Руслан Мингазиров

Опубліковано Бездельники Пʼятниця, 11 січня 2019 р.


This club opened in the summer, and in the warm season on the terrace on Friday or Saturday evenings it wasn’t a free table, it was very difficult to find a place for dancing. And they danced here under the hits of the 90s and early 2000s, everyone came off until the morning. In winter, the party moved inside the establishment, and on Fridays and Saturdays it is still crowded. The music remained varied: along with good tracks, you can hear some shity Ukrainian music. Admission is free, but there is a strict face control, which is far from everything: to get guaranteed, it is better to reserve a table and be smart. Without a table on Friday and Saturday after 23:30 dont even try to come here.


Normal is another institution that operates as a full-fledged restaurant during the day, and turns into a bar with dances until morning in the evening on Friday and Saturday. During parties, not only the lighting changes here, the music sounds louder, but even the walls come to life with huge projections. The institution mainly hosts theme parties, and the music at the same time plays completely different. Admission is usually free.

Dogs & Tails

Dogs & Tails – a bar where some go for hot dogs and burgers, and others for cocktails and dances at the table. Parties in the bar are held irregularly, but on weekends after 22:00 they play good dancing music. In other cases, Dogs & Tails is not designed to dance to the fullest. Admission is free, but you will be offered to sit at a table or bar.

Kiev Strip Clubs

Penthouse Club

How can this place please you? – 40 girls, central location, karaoke, good food, delicious cocktails.

In addition to dance shows, there are always performances in the club, when you can enjoy the singing of a professional singer! Located in the Arena City complex.

Regardless of which strip bar in Kiev you go to, always stay a little sober and check the positions in the check so that you are not cheated.


The strip club on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street existed for many years. It has a rather mixed reputation. Rumor has it that club’s clients are well-known deputies and influential businessmen. The girls are beautiful, moving well. However, you need to be careful with security, they spoil the whole impression of the club, as they ask at the entrance more than the price of the entrance ticket.


This is probably one of the best places, since the club opened in 2019, and has not yet managed to deteriorate, its clean and comfortable with a good repair and with a good yet reputation, at least nobody was killed inside (it’s a joke). 69 best girls for every taste, for the most sophisticated guests. Strip club is located in Khreschatyk hotel.


Night strip disco club Scarlette offers a new format of relaxation in night clubs. One of the halls of the club is equipped with professional DJ equipment, modern light music and a spacious dance floor. Strip club is located in the building of the famous President hotel. More than 100 professional striptease dancers, but it seems they a bit exaggerated with amount. All this is available daily from 20:00 to 06:00.

I do not know about all strip clubs in Kiev, but some of them also provide intimate services. We know for sure that this is practiced at the RIO club, as an investigation was underway on one of the Ukrainian TV channels, where the journalist tried to get a job as a dancer and she was told the details of the work. It was in 2019, and the price of a dancer take away was $ 300. The average earnings of girls from this club who offer sex services is about $ 2,500 per month.

Kiev Night clubs

All nightclubs listed below have face control

Queen Restaurant

Queen is a unique complex with an area of more than 4200 square meters with a view terrace, which is designed to become the most comfortable and elegant space for dinner parties and social events. Opened in 2019. Restaurant QUEEN is located on the Embankment of the highway, with panoramic views of the Dnieper and its unforgettable sunsets. On Friday and Saturday after midnight, the restaurant transforms into a nightclub, plays live music and shows are held on special dates. QUEEN positions itself as a very expensive, elite place.


In this place, as in the previous one, you may have problems getting inside, because the security at the entrance is very demanding. And they evaluate whether you have enough money in the pockets to enter. Get ready for face control and dress code.

There are a bunch of reviews on Internet about the place, it is more than 5 years old, so you can easily determine for yourself whether it is worth it. However, speaking honestly, if you need a good club atmosphere, with cool DJs from Europe, then this is the best place.

CHI operates as an Indo-Chinese restaurant, party place and lounge bar. On Friday and Saturday after midnight it works like a night club. The name CHI arose completely by accident. In Indo-Chinese culture, this word represents cosmic or spiritual energy, breathing.

SOLOMUN | CHI by Decadence House | 29 Sept.

Опубліковано CHI by Decadence House Вівторок, 24 жовтня 2017 р.

De fleur

The dress code is not very strict here, and the atmosphere is cheaper than in CHI. Club owners have to try to attract guests even on Saturdays and Fridays. 5 years ago, the club was called DeLux and was truly one of the top clubs in the capital, but now the place has lost its former glory. Nevertheless, it is located in a good place between the Hangover bar and CHI nightclub, so if you have an extra 10 euros for an entrance ticket, you can take a look.


Just read the reviews yourself. The main complaint against Kiev night clubs is the reluctance of the guards to let inside. The reasons are they don’t consider you rich enough or racism. Often both reasons.

SkyBar is certainly one of the best night clubs with good music, the repair was made in 2019, but the security is very poor, most likely becoming the guards of a famous night club, these people compensate for their children’s complexes, deciding how you spend this night.

Skybar: Qinetic Weekend w. Giorgia Angiuli (live). 20.09.19. Official aftermovie

Discover the official aftermovie – Skybar: Qinetic Weekend w. Giorgia Angiuli (live). 20.09.19.

Опубліковано SkyBar Четвер, 3 жовтня 2019 р.

Places without face control


It is generally accepted that the guests of this place are drug addicts and love techno. And it is true. There is no face control or dress code, many creative people who are far from being sober.

Caribbean Club

It is generally accepted that  the guests of this place are only foreigners. Since the place is quite popular on the Internet, it is more than 20 years old and has no face control, they let absolutely everyone inside. Even if you are in sportswear.

You are unlikely to meet a Ukrainian man here, only Turks, Arabs and Indians. Girls are Ukrainian, but they are divided into 2 categories – who came to dance, because of Latina music and prostitutes.

So let’s summarize. If you heard about the vibrant nightlife of Kiev – it’s possible. But there are many shortcomings connected with racism and money. If you do not need glamor – go to the bar. If you need a prostitute and you want to show off – put on Dolce and Gabana, give a bribe to the security guard at the entrance and look for your butterfly.

Prices in Kyiv Bars in 2020

It is generally accepted that Kyiv is a cheap city, and this is true. Coffee to go is 1.5 euros, Uber in the center – 2 euros, lunch in an average restaurant – 15-20 euros per person. Metro – 0.5 Euro.

However, if you are heading to good bars, such as Alchemist, Loggerhead, get ready to pay 8-10 euros for a cocktail. In the CHI night club, a table for 6 costs 400 euros, drinks are included in the price. Entrance to the strip club costs 20-40 euros. Uber on Friday and Saturday evenings is also getting more expensive, and you will have to move from bar to bar for 5-6 euros.

Best nightlife experiences in Kiev with female locals

In modern Europe, a phenomenon such as Bar Crawl with locals, who show you the best places in the city, is becoming more and more popular.

Kyiv in the post-revolutionary time has not yet gained such popularity among foreign tourists, and here they are not enough to hold classical huge Bar Crawls, where you can join the group.

However, in Kyiv, among foreign tourists, private bar crawls are popular, when a local girl goes only with you, if you are a solo tourist or with a group of your friends, she books tables and acts as an assistant. In addition, while the private bar crawl there is the opportunity to chat and learn a lot about the life of the locals, their habits and culture.

Here are some good ones:

Wherever Kyiv night takes you, do not forget to wake up in the morning, because Kyiv also has many interesting sights. Enjoy your stay! If you liked this article, please share it on facebook, twitter or another place!


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