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Kiev Weather in Summer. What to do in Kiev in Summer
6 Feb

Kiev Weather in Summer. What to do in Kiev in Summer

In recent years, Mother Nature is truly rich in its emotions – now and then the news tell about hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanic activity; in summer, abnormal heat is more and more frequent, and sometimes it causes fires, and the usual seasons almost never come on time. In this article, we will try to guess what Kiev Weather in Summer will be like.

Of course, one wants to know the weather forecast for the coming year not only out of idle curiosity. Man is an organized being who is inherent in planning his activities.

Travel to Ukraine? - Check the weather in Kiev

This is especially important when planning a trip.

Therefore, we immediately suggest that you get to know the average temperature in Kiev.

Average temperature of weather in Kiev by month:



Average daytime temperature: -2.7°C

Average night temperature: -5.2°C


Average daytime temperature: -1.5°C

Average night temperature: -4.8°C


Average daytime temperature: 4.9°C

Average night temperature: -0.0°C


Average daytime temperature: 14.7°C

Average night temperature: 7.1°C


Average daytime temperature: 21.5°C

Average night temperature: 12.6°C


Average daytime temperature: 24.9°C

Average night temperature: 15.9°C


Average daytime temperature: 27.5°C

Average night temperature: 17.9°C


Average daytime temperature: 27.0°C

Average night temperature: 17.3°C


Average daytime temperature: 20.7°C

Average night temperature: 13.1°C


Average daytime temperature: 11.8°C

Average night temperature: 7.0°C


Average daytime temperature: 5.0°C

Average night temperature: 2.0°C


Average daytime temperature: 0.4°C

Average night temperature: -1.9°C



Weather forecasters in Kiev 2019 suggest that SPRING will be lingering and can also include part of the beginning of summer.

This was reported by Vazira Martazinova, Head of the Department of Climate Research and Weather Forecasts of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

 Summer in Kiev

Actually, it is good, because summer in Kiev is hot – about 28-31 degrees Celsius. Spring in Kiev is the best time of the year. Accordingly, do not hesitate to come to Kiev any time from April to July – the temperature will be up to 25 degrees Celsius and you can enjoy walks in the city, active sports and will not suffer from the heat.

Summer in Kiev

Technological advances available to modern meteorologists allow them to predict the weather with increasing accuracy. When we check the forecasts for the current day, we can see the changes literally by the hour. Surprisingly, with the help of computer modeling and taking into account dozens of atmospheric processes, it is possible to predict not only the temperature, but also even the approximate time of the start of rain!

However, if we are talking about long-term forecasts, the situation no longer looks so simple. The combination of natural factors can change literally in a couple of hours – for example, atmospheric fronts, which move in a certain direction, can dramatically change direction, drastically changing the air temperature and wind speed.

Of course, weather forecasters are trying to gaın theır profıcıency to provide the Ukrainians with the most accurate and long-term information about the weather, but for now we can only talk about scenarios that are closest to reality. For example, the main factor that will determine the weather conditions in 2019 is the change in solar activity.

Climate experts say that our planet is currently in a cooling phase. Soon the “cold” decade will end, and in 2019, we should experıence gradual normalization of the temperature regime. However, some scientists do not agree with this statement. They believe that the Earth is gradually changing the slope, so the usual beginning of winter and autumn will not return to its past state. Part of the autumn will finally shift to December, and the spring will continue until June inclusive.

Only time will show who is worth being trusted. In the meantime, check one of the probable weather forecasts for 2019!

Weather in Kiev in the spring of 2019

Meteorologists suggest that snow will cover most of the country at least until mid-spring. This opinion is confirmed by national signs, because in the years when Easter is late (in 2019 it is April 28), warm days also come late. At the end of March, Ukrainians will have a temperature of no more than 8-9 degrees above zero.

Weather in Kiev in spring

Blooming Magnolia in Kiev Botanical Garden

Weather forecast for spring in Ukraine, Kiev

Changing the cold to warm again comes very sharply, same as it was in 2018 – immediately after Easter Week you can say goodbye to your warm clothes, and in the first decade of May – change it for summer outfits. The temperature these days will rise to +20-22 degrees Celsius.

But we recommend you to come on Easter to Kiev to see how Ukrainians celebrate this holiday. Some photos  from St. Sophia Square where we have annual exhibition on Easter eggs.

Orthodox Easter 2019 in Ukraine – Sunday, April 28

 Weather in Kiev in the summer of 2019

Most likely, June will not allow us enjoying walks in T-shirts, shorts and summer dresses – a cold cyclone in the West and the North of Ukraine will make jackets an essential part of your wardrobe. However, after the rains and coolness, the real summer will come to the country. However, do not expect anomalous temperature increase this time – Ukrainians will feel the heat up to +35C in the shade only in the middle of July.

Weekend in Olmeca Plage in Kyiv

Nevertheless, August days with warm and dry weather in most areas are soon to come. Although it is you who decide what temperature fits your plans better – the heat of +35 is perfect to enjoy the beach, but for walking tours in Kiev the best temperature is up to +25, so get ready for sights and walks in the capital of Ukraine in April, May, June and July.


To choose the right route for your walk in Kiev, check this page.


Ukrainian folk saying predicting the weather

For example, such signs very accurately predict changes in the weather:

  • lack of rain in September speaks of a long fall and snowless December;
  • rainy summer months promise dry weather in the autumn season, cold winter and spring that will fly very fast;
  • if the foliage of birch trees and oaks is on the branches for a long time, then winter colds will come only at the end of January, but they will be especially severe. The bright color of the leaves predicts very high snowbanks;
  • bountiful harvest of rowan berries means long and cold winter;
  • onions with lots of thick layers warns of a harsh winter;
  • spruce plentifully covered with snags and numerous glades with mushrooms say that snow will fall out very soon;
  • when birds flying away to winter south return home, note their flight altitude. A high flight indicates a wet spring with frequent rains;
  • if in the summer time frogs quack all night long, this heralds a rainy autumn;
  • clover fields please with abundant color? It means that there is still long to wait for the autumn cold!

If you are interested in the weather in Kiev, most likely you are going to visit this city in the near future. Therefore, we also offer you to learn what is interesting in Kiev in the spring-summer period and what is worth seeing.

But first of all we recommend you to take a local to show you around in Kyiv, it’s more interesting and you’ll definitely fall in love with the city.



What to do in Kiev in summer

Go to all the festivals and concerts

In 2019 Kiev summer will be hot and rich in terms of musical events. We are ready for BeLive and White Nights festivals. UPark Festival and Brave!Factory will be held in Kiev too.

Atlas Weekend Festival 10 – 14 July 2019 is expected to be the best musical event of summer 2019 in Kyiv.

Headliners: The Chemical Brothers, Martin Garrix, Placebo and others.

Take a walk in Kiev parks

Kyiv is one of the greenest cities in Europe. In the spring, there is a real boom of flowering trees, and in the summer it is a place where you can hide from the heat in the shade of trees.

Spring in the parks is especially beautiful. Fresh air, green trees, beautiful bushes and flowers that have just blossomed give extraordinary aesthetic pleasure and make your spirits high.

The best parks in Kiev:

If you do not want to go far from the center, then go to the Mariinsky Park, Shevchenko Park or Volodymyrska Gorka.

Mariinsky Park

Mariinsky Park is located next to Independence Square. There are always many people who are willing to see famous attractions of the park: the Bridge of lovers, the Mariinsky Palace, the Puppet Theater, and the Water Museum.

Taras Shevchenko Park

Although this is a small park, here you can relax, sit on a bench and enjoy nature in the center of a big and noisy city. The park is located near Taras Shevchenko University, so it is often crowded here; mostly these are students, or fans of Latin dances.

Volodymyrska Gorka

Volodymyrska Gorka (Volodymyr’s Hill) has incredibly beautiful views of spring Kiev. Podil, the district of Kiev, looks especially charming in its spring blossom. Also, one may enjoy the view from a magnificent openwork gazebo here.

Mezhyhirya Park

Today Mezhyhirya Park is believed to be one of the best Kyiv parks. In the past Mezhyhirya Park was the residence of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Now it is one of the most beautiful parks in Ukraine. The territory of Mezhyhirya is so huge that it takes a day or even more to see it all.

In the distant past, Mezhigirsky monastery was located on the territory of Mezhyhirya. However, after its destruction by the Bolsheviks in 1935, the country government residence was built on this place, where Nikita Khrushchev, Vladimir Scherbitsky, Stanislav Kosior and even (during the occupation of Ukraine by Germany during the Second World War) Gauleiter Erich Koch lived at different times.

For many years, Mezhyhirya was closed for ordinary citizens and was a little known place. Only after Mezhyhirya became the residence of President Yanukovych in 2012, it did attract the attention of the press. And that is not surprising, because Yanukovych started the construction of a real palace and park complex, which many monarchies and presidents of the world could envy on the territory of the residence. Enormous sums of money were invested, but Yanukovych didn’t really have time to live here, since in 2014 he had already left the country. Since then, Mezhyhirya has become a national park, open for everybody.

Moreover, private tour with English-speaking guide will make it possible not only to visit the park, but also to learn the history of the revolution, to visit the house where the ex-president Yanukovych lived, sit in an armchair where he watched films and get access to millions of treasures. Mezhyhirya tour can be organized for you any day and any time; the guide meets you in the hotel lobby. To see the details, click HERE.

Visit Kiev open-air nightclubs

Kiev nightlife is quite active, both in winter and in summer, but if in winter everyone goes to speak easy bars, in summer people prefer to relax on summer terraces, beaches and in open-air nightclubs.

To get to know about the best terraces and restaurants in Kiev, see this article.

Open-air Kiev nightclubs:

  • Hangover (for young audience up to 30 years old)
  • L8 Park (techno music)
  • Dali Park (for glamorous)
  • South Coast of Kiev (beach) (normal casual party)
  • Bora Bora

Bora Bora Nightclub in Kiev

Not to waste time, but to accurately choose a place that will suit your taste, the place with the most fashionable Kiev people, where there are fun and tasty cocktails, ask the Kiev Nightlife Guide here.

No matter what time of year you come to Kiev, we hope that having visited this city you will be full of wonderful emotions, because there are very friendly people living, many great venues for leisure and interesting places of historical significance here.

Contact a Local to Show you Around in Kyiv:

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  • Skype: Guide me UA

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