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Sky Bar in Kiev
16 Jul

Kiev nightlife. Where to go and what to expect

Local trends

Nightclubs in Ukraine are open mainly two days a week, on Fridays and Saturdays (these nights are called “for amateurs”, because true party cougars explore Kiev nightlife every evening). For those especially enthusiastic there are clubs that work 7 days a week: Caribbean Club and Coyote Ugly and numerous bars, of course. Exceptions to this rule are quite rare. In addition, it is worth keeping an eye on local holidays – the night before the holiday Kiev nightlife can be too overwhelming and clubs can be clogged up even on weekdays, and on Fridays or on Saturdays right after the holiday party establishments are empty. If you want bottle service in one of the best establishments of the city, it is better to book it by phone min 2 days in advance.

In summer time, everything depends on weather and different events in the city. Most locals prefer to spend warm summer nights in the country or just on the nature, so as not to sweat in the hot atmosphere of nightclubs. However, in winter, the situation is opposite – the venues make the best parties of the country.

As a rule, clubs open at 12 o’clock. After four o’clock in the morning, the energy usually declines – starting from that time it is getting too late to rock in the club. Choosing the right time for visit is a matter of practical research and a bit of luck. The clubs are open until 6am.

Such research does not require much money: entrance to the club costs 8-10 euros (except for expensive events with famous foreign DJs), so visiting 4 or 5 clubs for one night is not a problem; especially when you know that the most popular venues are located in the city center. Besides, Uber is always a great help.


White Terrace Kiev Bacardi

White Terrace in Kiev Arena City Center


Public transport does not work from about midnight to 6am, so it is better to get to your hotel by taxi, especially if you are a little too drunk. Of course, Kiev is not Chicago, there is less street crime, but reasonable precautions will not harm at any time of the day.

Dress stylish, look cool

Some places have dress code, and some adhere to face control – that is unspoken and very subjective estimation. If the guard senses that you are a potential threat, that is, you are ready to make fight with each and every, there is big chance of not getting into the place. The same is if you wear sneakers and old trousers. Ladies in Kiev also undergo face control, but for them entrance to almost all nightclubs is free. Not likely, you take this issue to European Court of Human Rights; it is just evaluation of the club and it makes no sense to go against it. Dress stylish, look good and do not bully the bouncer – he just does his job.

Nevertheless, when you get inside, you gonna feel like a hedonist in nirvana. Beautiful Ukrainian girls on the right, cool guys on the left, the DJ plays hits from the Top-40, and barmen cheerfully shake cocktails. Welcome to Paradise! Have fun! What should I get you? Well, in fact, there is a chance you do not get to the bar, because there is a crowd longing for bartender attention. If you win a look of bartender, nod in a friendly way and smile, take the same reciprocal gesture and now the barman gives you all his attention – order at your pleasure.

The best Kiev bars in 2019 are:

  • Hangover (opened in summer and instantly won the love of the public). It is quite difficult to book a table here on Friday or Saturday. If you do not plan beforehand, you will probably have to stand or dance, which is not a problem – there is a beautiful dance floor in Hangover.
  • Loggerhead – speak easy bar in the heart of Kiev, hidden from prying eyes in secret courtyard behind the iron door. The venue is underground. If you are going there on Friday or Saturday, be sure not to call but to write to an e-mail asking for reserve for 2-3 days before the day X; otherwise, you will not get the table. In addition, there is live music on these two days of the week.
  • Barman Dictat – In its concept, it is similar to Loggerhead. It takes just 5 minutes’ walk. The place is also located in secluded courtyard and underground. It is empty here during the weekdays, but on Fridays and Saturdays, the venue is sold out (just as everywhere). Therefore, table reservation by phone is obligatory.
  • PR bar – is located in a picturesque place in Kiev, on Poshtova Square, so it deserves your attention. It offers indisputably delicious cocktails and hot guests.

The average price for a cocktail is 6-8 euros.

Par Bar Kiev

Par Bar 2 in Kiev

The best clubs in Kiev:

There is no need to explain to the younger generation what a nightclub is. This attracting and captivating institution does not simply give people joy, but also provides you with a chance to relax, dance and meet new people. Kiev nightlife is an endless sea of ​​dance clubs for people with completely different interests, for individuals who are ready to enjoy life to the full and even more. For the real fan of nightlife, there can be nothing more interesting than going to grandiose party of one of the most popular clubs.

Meeting foreign guests, we often hear the question: where I can meet girls in Kiev.

The obvious answer is everywhere 🙂 You may get acquainted with somebody smart in a café, on the street or in the metro. However, the atmosphere and degree of alcohol make Kiev nightclubs a more suitable place for this purpose.

CHI club, Dfleur club Kiev, Sky Bar Kiev, Carribean Club, Kiev Arena, Rio Club Kiev, Buddha Bar Kiev, Shooters Kiev.

These and other nightclubs with the most beautiful Kiev girls will brighten up your leisure time in Kiev.

Guide me UA provides the best bar crawls, nightlife tours in Kiev, and our private guides can bring you to any place you want. For more info, check this out – Kiev Bar Crawl.


Dali Park Kiev

Dali Park in Kiev


For fans of techno music and informal parties, for those who does not like pathos, Closer club Kiev will be an excellent solution.

If you do not like nightclubs with expensive interiors or restaurants with Asian cuisine, you can go for a walk in the night city. Kiev greets you with bright lights. To simplify your moves around the city, you can order a taxi or a limousine. This type of transport will make a decent impression, and if you relax with large company, it can be a great place for karaoke battles or other pastime. In any case, you will have awesome memories of a night spent in a city with rich traditions and beautiful people. Choosing a way to spend time in beautiful city of Kiev, feel free to be guided by your desires and possibilities.


Sky Bar Kiev

Sky Bar in Kiev


We wish you only bright parties.

And also, book Kiev Bar Crawls with locals – HERE.

Kate Dobromishev

Tour Guide in Guide me UA / English language / Private Tours in Kyiv

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    18.02.2020 at 21:02

    There are only really 3 places in Kyiv that would be considered nightclubs in Western Europe: Closer, River Port and CHI. The rest are bars or restaurants, places to sit down, eat/drink or be seen. There’s no nightlife in Kyiv other than Fridays and Saturdays, unfortunately. It’s only the sleazy places where you’ll find people during the week.

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