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How to make Chicken Kiev
18 May

How to make Chicken Kiev like real Ukrainian

Chicken Kiev is famous around the world and for sure, many have at least a theoretical idea of ​​the complexity of cooking this meal; however, this is one of the reasons why it is often shrouded with mystery. Today we suggest slightly lifting the mysterious veil and looking at the cooking process of this meal in a non-standard way. But for those who do not like to cook, but prefer to eat, we have an amazing Gastro Tour in Kiev.

How to make Chicken Kiev?

So, it is well known (one can see it in all culinary shows) that traditionally classic Chicken Kiev is made from whole chicken breast – it is separated from whole chicken with the wing bone, which at the end will be decorated with elegant paper roll. After this fillet is thoroughly beaten, piece of butter is put into it and covered with a small part of fillet, which was previously separated from the bigger fillet; all this is wrapped in a tight roll, breaded twice with white breadcrumbs and thoroughly deep-fried. That is all. Now the most important task is to prevent the butter from leaking because it is what defines if Chicken Kiev is cooked correctly or not.

In reality, it is not so clear. If you check any old book on culinary art, for example, established book Culinary of 1955, Chicken Kiev is supposed to be cooked of 80g chicken fillet and the technology for removing whole fillet from wing bone is precisely described. Everyone who cooked something like this knows that Chicken Kiev is always huge and weighs at least 300g. So how is it fillet weights 80g? And what kind of size is this if any raw chicken breast that one can find in the store weighs at least 200g.

Mistake? Not likely. Probably, the reason lies in the history of the recipe because according to one version, the idea comes from the recipe for French cutlet “de volaille” (which means of “of poultry”). It was cooked very similarly and was stuffed with butter (with mushrooms added). It was made of poussin chicken fillet, which could well weigh about 80g. If that means “real” Chicken Kiev is made of poussin chicken, and we have only broiler carcass, what should we do?

Today there is a technology that allows modern restaurants and public catering cooking Chicken Kiev weighing only 120-140g; at the same time, it is cooked from regular fillet. The fact is that today it is customary to use only part of chicken breast, about 80-100g, but the wing bone (from a completely different chicken) is added in the end of cooking. Classic shape for Chicken Kiev is the shape of the cone – rounded at one end and pointed at the other. A wing bone, specially wrapped with a piece of butter in a patty, is from the round side and is decorated with paper roll.

Chicken Kiev monument in Kiev near the restaurant with the same name Chicken Kiev

The monument of Chicken Kiev in Kiev


Today we will show how to cook Chicken Kiev using professional technology yet in home cooking conditions. We will make an oval cutlet using restaurant recipe, but it is adapted to normal home cooking. These will be small cutlets, half the size of a palm and weighing 150g. The recipe is not recommended for beginners, however, if everything is done correctly, the butter will not leak and Chicken Kiev will be a success even if it’s your first time cooking. The most important is not to neglect any technological operation.

Chicken Kiev is almost never seasoned. When the recipe was first established, chicken fillet was considered a delicacy, the taste that does not need to be interrupted, so be extremely careful with salt and pepper. Butter can be mixed with greens. Chicken Kiev is served on a small crouton, which will absorb melted butter once you cut the cutlet.


  • chicken or poussin chicken fillet 1-1.2kg
  • vegetable oil (for deep fry) 500-1000ml
  • salt
  • ground pepper

For butter

  • butter (82.5%) 100g
  • dill greens
  • salt

For breading

  • white bread (dried) 150g
  • flour 50g
  • eggs 2pcs
  • milk 1tbsp
  • a pinch of salt

When cutting a juicy cutlet aromatic butter flows out of it. This is where any gourmet becomes speechless for a few seconds because of golden crust, softness of chicken breast and magical aroma of butter with greens. This is the meal one should cook using the best ingredients, highest quality butter, and share it with his loved one! With such a detailed photo recipe, you will surely succeed!

Enjoy your meal!

How to cook Chicken Kiev with photos

Wash and dry the chicken.

Cut wings over joints, leaving the last joint connecting to fillet intact.

Separate skin from fillet.

Cut along the keel bone.

Cut the fillet from the breast along with wing bones.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Cut meat from the bones.

Photo 1 (bones still with meat).

Photo 2 (bones with no excessive meat)

Separate the small (internal) fillet from the large (external with bone).

Photo 1 (separating the fillet)

Photo 2 (small filet separated from large fillet parts)

In a small fillet, cut the tendons (so that the cutlets do not deform during frying).

Make a shallow incision along the large fillet (at the site of thickening of the fillet).

Make cuts to the right and left, without cutting through the fillet, and open it like a book.

Carefully beat both pieces of fillet (large and small) in a bag or between two layers of clingfilm.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Cook butter with greens.

Wash dill, dry and chop finely.

Mix softened butter with dill and add a pinch of salt.

Mix well.

Put the butter on a cling film.

Form a roll and put it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.



Butter with greens can also be used in other meals. You can add a piece of such butter

on a baked meat or fish steak. The butter will melt and saturate

the steak with aromatic sauce. Chopped garlic clove can also be added to butter, if desired.

Cut frozen butter in half (for two cutlets).

Salt and pepper chicken fillet.

Place frozen butter in the middle of a large fillet.

Cover with a small filet.

Photo 1

Photo 2 (butter covered with small fillet)

Tightly wrap butter with chicken fillet on all sides so that there are no gaps, and form a cutlet of elongated shape.

Photo 1 (form a cutlet)

Photo 2 (shaped Chicken Kiev)


It is important that butter in the cutlet is carefully

covered with chicken; otherwise, it will leak during frying.

For the same reason, double breading is required for Chicken Kiev.

Cook the second cutlet in the same way.

Wrap the patties in cling film and put in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Cut off the crusts from white bread and place the bread in a blender bowl.

Grind bread in a blender.

Cook liaison.

Break eggs into a bowl, add a tablespoon of milk, a pinch of salt and mix with a fork or whisk.

Pour flour and breadcrumbs into different bowls.

Bread cutlets in flour (shake off excess flour).

Dip in liaison.

Then roll in breadcrumbs.

Dip it again in liaison and roll it again in bread crumbs (you get double breading).

Heat vegetable oil in a saucepan or deep pan (to a temperature of 160°C).

Gently place the patty in hot oil.


It is advisable that the oil completely covers the cutlet. If there is not enough oil,

pour over the cutlet with boiling oil (use a spoon) so that the temperature inside

the patty does not drop and it is evenly fried from all sides.

Fry 2-3 minutes on each side until golden brown.

Using a slotted spoon, carefully place the patty into baking dish.

Put in preheated to 200 ° C oven for about 4-5 minutes.

In the same way, cook a second patty.


Tip 1. Deep-frying requires a lot of oil, therefore, in order not to be wasteful,

after patties are deep-fried, you can fry potatoes cut into cubes or slices in the same oil.

Put fried potatoes on a paper towel to absorb excess oil, salt and serve as a side to the cutlet.

Tip 2

If you do not want to use deep fat, you can fry cutlets in a pan,

in a small amount of oil, and after finish with the oven.

Chicken Kiev is usually served with boiled rice, mashed potatoes (or French fries) and fresh vegetables.

There are even rules for eating Chicken Kiev:

  • Before you eat it, pierce it with a fork to release the butter.
  • To prevent butter from splashing outside the plate, pierce the cutlet closer to the bone. Earlier, foreigners who were not familiar with Chicken Kiev were given a special brochure on how to use this dish so as not to accidentally get burned with hot butter.
  • The oil should flow out to the side dish, after this, the cutlet should be eaten as usual.
  • Since the bone is not fixed, do not hold the patty with the bone, the cutlet may fall.


What to serve with Chicken Kiev

Usually Ukrainians prefer to eat Chicken Kiev with potatoes, and this is actually how Chicken Kiev is served in many restaurants in Kiev.

  1. So, let’s start by rinsing the potatoes thoroughly and then cook until ready (unpeeled).
  2. After we carefully drain the water and let potatoes cool slightly (when we add dressing, sauce or butter to potatoes, the meal should remain warm).
  3. At this time, we begin cooking dressing for potatoes. To do this, wash the parsley and dry it from water (to speed up the process, parsley can be laid out on a paper towel or napkin). Now let us draw your attention to the fact that you need only its leaves. Therefore, peel parsley, and then finely chop.
  4. Peel the garlic, flatten it with a knife, and then finely chop.
  5. Rinse the lemon thoroughly and remove the zest from it (we rub only the yellow part, without white, on a fine grater). Squeeze lemon juice in a separate container.
  6. Now add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to the lemon juice and whisk them lightly with a whisk. Next, add garlic and parsley, salt and pepper to taste. All mix well.
  7. Slightly cooled potatoes are peeled and then cut into medium slices. Now we take some saucepan (or any other dish with a lid), put chopped potatoes in it, fill it with the prepared dressing, close the lid and shake it several times. Try the potatoes, it might need some extra salt.

Now we leave it for about 15-20 minutes (so that it is saturated with dressing). And now, our potato side for Chicken Kiev is ready!

Where to try Chicken Kiev in Kiev?

If you travel to Kiev, be sure to book Kiev Gastro Tour. In addition to Chicken Kiev, you will also try Ukrainian borsch, dumplings, lard, hrenovukha – Ukrainian vodka, Kiev cake and more. In general, Ukrainian food is very special and through it, you can get to know the history of the people, its traditions and holidays. If you are lucky to have a good guide, you can ask questions not only questions about Ukrainian food, but also other questions about local culture.


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