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Current time in Kiev
25 Aug

Current time in Kiev, weather in Kiev – all you need to know when going to Kiev

If you want to get to know current time in Kiev, everything is more or less clear. Here you can see what time it is now in Ukraine:


There is one time zone effective on the territory of Ukraine and Kiev

When it comes to time zones, location of Ukraine is very convenient: 95% of its territory lies in the second time zone, only Lugansk and parts of Donetsk and Kharkov regions lie in the 3rd zone, and a small part of the Transcarpathian region lies in the first time zone. However, in practice the boundaries of time zones on land do not lie strictly along meridians, but are taking into account state borders. Therefore, the whole territory of Ukraine is referred to the second time zone.

According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 13.05.96, the following procedure for calculating time is effective on the territory of Ukraine: the time of the second time zone (Kiev time) with the following adjustment of clock:

  • last Sunday in March at 3am – 1 hour ahead
  • last Sunday in October at 4 am on 1 hour ago.

Interesting fact: in September 2011, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine canceled clock adjustment for daytime saving, making summer time permanent. However, in October of the same year, this decision was also cancelled.

Dawn in kiev

Dawn in Kiev

Daytime in Kiev

Daytime in Kiev

Twilight in Kiev

Twilight in Kiev

Night in Kiev

Night in Kiev

When it comes to weather in Ukraine, a tourist should know the following:

Human has always been a curious creature, and climatic surprises are part of his interests. Let’s figure out the weather forecasts for 2017! We all understand that weather is very variable and how often weather forecasters make mistakes even for the next few weeks. What can one say about the accuracy of predictions of weather changes for the whole year! Nevertheless, it is worth trying.

The world always moves ahead, but even the most accurate instruments used by modern meteorological scientists cannot provide data for such a distant future. The explanation is simple: the longer the time interval is, the greater the error. After all, the weather is a result of many atmospheric factors like constantly moving air masses, precipitation, clouds, pressure drops and other processes. Moreover, such changes take place almost every minute.

However, weather experts can provide approximate forecasts, based on observations for many decades. For example, now we live in a ten-year cycle of temperature fall characterized by abnormal weather phenomena in the form of abrupt temperature changes in winter and summer. However, starting from next year such processes will come to naught, returning us to the habitually cold winter, friendly spring, warm summer and rainy autumn, which will start according to the calendar.

By the way, no matter what the skeptics say about astrological forecasts, specialists in the field of stars share this opinion. In 2017, the position of the Sun will become the dominant factor in the formation of weather conditions. Astrologers say that previous years with the same position of Sun have always been without temperature anomalies.

  • Weather for winter 2017. In winter, we are promised low temperatures. In the second decade of December 2016, one shall be ready for abundant snows and temperature -8-10C. January in the second decade will be a little snowy, with long thaws and fogs. Due to snow melting, humidity will significantly increase. However, the Carpathians will be exception, so that ski fans shall not worry and prepare for excellent ski holiday. February traditionally brings with it frosts and sharp cold winds piercing to the bones. This month, the thermometer in different parts of the country can drop to -15-20 degrees Celsius. The thaw will come at the end of the month, replacing the piercing blizzards with a soft snowfall. Astrologers have different opinion and promise cold winter without thawing. Some even advise to get ready for spring crops failure;
  • Weather for spring 2017. In the spring, meteorologists predict rapid warming. Spring will not be as protracted as in 2016, when April and most of May forced Ukrainians to wear jackets and warm sweaters. In 2017 the spring will come due to the calendar – after the eighth of March, a gradual temperature rise will begin, so that by the end of the month, you can expect + 5+8C. However, it is worthwhile to take an umbrella with you – long rains possible. April will be dry and warm, and in May, residents of the southern part of the country will be able to throw off their warm clothes and flaunt in T-shirts. After the first week of May, a period of thunderstorms is possible, which, however, is quite traditional for this spring month. The forecast for spring mostly coincides with opinion of astrological science, predicting a warm and relatively early spring in 2017;
  • Weather for summer 2017. Summer will come quite fast – since the beginning of June, a rapid temperature rise is possible. However, hot +20+24C will not last long – the second week of June will be rainy and cool. July 2017 will be traditionally hot, up to +35+37C. The month will be dry, but with high humidity, so those who suffer from such abnormal temperatures can plan their vacation advance to escape the city heat in the cool summer homes. In most of the country, August will bring a noticeable temperature drop – up to quite comfortable +25+26C. In the second half of the month, rains and foggy weather are possible. Astrologists agree with this forecast, saying that the summer will be quite comfortable and warm;
  • Weather for autumn 2017. The first half of September promises dry weather with cool nights and a fairly high daytime temperature. In the last decade of the month, there may be prolonged precipitation and a cold snap, which will force Ukrainians to put on jackets and rubber boots. In October, the traditional for this time Indian summer will start and will last almost up to the middle of November. However, after this autumn will come into its own. Cooling will be quite sharp. In the northern part of the country, at night the temperature will drop to minus temperatures. The rest of the regions shall get ready for rain and wet snow. In the last days of November, a stably low temperature is expected. Representatives of astrological science adhere to different forecasts, foreshadowing us a long warm autumn until the beginning of December.

Folk saying

You can make weather forecast yourself, relying on time-tested folk sayings. For centuries, they served our ancestors as a reliable guide, so pay attention to the following:

  • dry and mild September means the winter in the new year will be late;
  • rainy summer with cool weather replaced by warm days of autumn result in long winter and short spring;
  • if there is many berries of rowan, get ready for long winter with snow and frost;
  • if oak and birch foliage keeps on the branches of trees until the beginning of October, the winter will be cold, but late;
  • harvest of onions with thin skin means mild winter; thick onion skin means frosty winter;
  • if cone firs grow low enough – wait for early frosts, and if high – the cold will come only at the end of February;
  • good harvest of mushrooms predicts a long and frosty winter;
  • the brighter the autumn foliage, the more snowy the coming winter will be;
  • If the geese fly high in spring, the spring be rainy;
  • high clouds in the spring promise a long period of heat and sun;
  • frequent frog concerts in the summer promise a rainy autumn;
  • if the flowers of the clover and daisies are long blooming in the summer, be ready for warm and long autumn.

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