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14 Nov

Where to go in Odessa: The Greatest Sights

In this article we will tell you about places you should definitely visit if you come to chill, recharge with sea energy and relax without any special program for a couple of days. In our must visit list you’ll see the legendary courtyards in Moldavanka, Privoz, new places and many other locations where to go in Odessa. How to get to Odessa and where to stay? A trip from Kiev to Odessa by car will take 5-6 hours and about 500 kilometers. You can: Take a Bla Bla Car service which is...

The Best Travel Guide to Kiev
30 Oct

The Best Travel Guide to Kiev

Kiev (Kyiv) is the capital of Ukraine; city ​​on the hills, bearing the title of the Hero. It stretches on two sides of the main waterway of the country - the Dnieper River. It is the largest scientific, industrial, cultural and religious center of the state. It is among the ten largest cities in Europe, and its history goes back over 2500 years. Below is The Best Travel Guide to Kiev. History of Kyiv According to the legend, Kiev was founded by three brothers Kyi, Schek and Horyv and their sister Lybid on three...

Lviv Nightlife with pleasure
26 Oct

Lviv Nightlife – Where to go at night in Lviv

Lviv offers its guests a huge list of entertainment for every taste. You will definitely explore the extraordinary Lviv Nightlife with pleasure! THE BEST Restaurants in Lviv Probably many of those who have already visited Lviv have their favorite venues there. Someone is crazy about the Kumpel beer restaurant, someone loves the Jewish atmosphere “Under the Golden Rose” or the heat from the gas stoves of the Gasowa Lampa; many insist that it is best to spend time in extreme interiors of the Mazoch Cafe or tasting culinary delights in “Krivaya Lipa”. [caption id="attachment_7019"...

Travel to Lviv - Tour guide to Ukraine
23 Oct

Travel to Lviv – Tour Guide to Ukraine

Lviv is a magical city, a country of frozen myths and legends, the land of artisans and kings, the land of forged gates and carved lions, the city of ancient history. That's why you should definitely Travel to Lviv at least once in a lifetime. History of Lviv The history of ancient Lviv is rich and interesting; it is described in detail in countless chronicles, memoirs of travelers and scientific works...

Kiev tour by Guide me UA
20 Oct

Kiew Private Tour auf Deutsch was Sie werden im Auge behalten

Touristen haben ihre touristische Gewohnheiten verändert. Sogar 10 Jarhe bevor wir wussten nur primitiver  aufschlußreicher Tourismus, wer haltet sich an 3 "Wale": architektonisches Denkmal, Rundfahrten, Souvenirs. Und Schulfahrten, und Familien Reise wurde gebaut auf das folgende Prinzip. Doch Ukrainischer  Tourismus hat sich ändert wesentlich in den letzten Jahren. Kiew Private Tour auf Deutsch was Sie werden im Auge behalten. Dank sagen schneller Entwiklung von Internet  Leute  haben den Zugang bekommen  zum unbegrenzt  Informationsfluß. Touristen leitet in dieWege mehr über  andere Städte,    interessieren sich für neuen Richungen von der Erholung. Verschiedene Serviecen erscheinte sich ,...

17 Oct

Is Kiev and Kyiv the same?

Kiev or Kyiv? It is clear that these two spellings convey Russian and Ukrainian pronunciation. For some reason, they always used Kiev, and relatively recently they suddenly decided that it should be written as Kyiv, probably because of increased Ukrainization of Ukraine. How is spelling of pronouns and other names determined in other languages? It is very simple: there is an original, and a copy into another language is made. What happened in the years of the USSR: there was an original in Ukrainian KYIV and it was translated to Russian as...

Kievan Russia Kyiv
11 Oct

Kievan Russia – History of Middle Ages of Kyiv

The history of Kievan Russia is quite long and complicated. Hypothetical date of the founding of Kiev is 482 AD, although there is no reliable scientific evidence of this. According to legend, the founders of Kiev, and perhaps its first princes, were Kyi, Schek and Horyv. Back in the beginning of the 9th century, the countries surrounding the East Slavic world felt its military, diplomatic and trade activity. In 882, Novgorod Prince Oleg united two most important Eastern Slavic political centers - Novgorod and Kiev. This act completes the lengthy process of...

8 Oct

Ukraine revolution on Maidan – How it all happened

Although revolutions rarely achieve their goals, they contribute to the growth of people's consciousness and the renewal of state structures. They are the driving force for achieving the desired changes. They can be important social and political outbursts, followed by other significant events. Over the past three decades, Ukraine has experienced three dramatic events, which are often called Ukraine revolutions. But were they really revolutionary? Student revolution In October 1990, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukrainian students, dissatisfied with the formation of the communist majority in parliament after the 1990 elections, met at...

Travel to Ukraine
26 Sep

Ukrainian girls, Vodka and Low Prices: 13 thoughts of foreigners about Ukraine

We watched vlogs and read blogs of foreign travelers and compiled a list of what tourists mostly notice in Ukraine: Ukrainian girls, Vodka and Low Prices. In this list there is surprisingly little of negative: travelers are mostly loyal even to those weaknesses, which are traditionally annoying for Kievans. Low prices Nick Fisher from New Zealand traveled to 49 countries and, having arrived to Ukraine, he was amazed at low prices. In his blog Indigo Traveler, the traveler tells that in Lviv restaurant he ordered rice with vegetables and coffee, and his girlfriend...

Is Kiev safe?
20 Sep

Is Kiev safe to Travel to?

If you are going to Ukraine, most likely your trip will be pleasant and quite comfortable. But remember it can always be different from what you are used to, so you should take care of your own safety and be always ready for the surprises this affable East European country is full with. This is approximately what governments and tourist companies of English-speaking countries advise. Ukraine Conflict with Russia It's hard to believe, but there are people who are not aware of the revolution that took place in Kiev 4 years ago...

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