Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. When is it better to come: in summer or in winter? – Kiev Private Tours
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Mountains in Ukraine
26 Apr

Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. When is it better to come: in summer or in winter?

The Carpathians is one of the richest in natural and medicinal resources regions of Ukraine. Ukrainian Carpathians attract tourists from all over the world thanks to unique nature, miraculous mineral waters, as well as a well-developed tourist infrastructure, which is improving every year.

One can rest in the Carpathians at any time of the year; tourists with different budgets will find right options. One of the most popular seasons for vacation is winter – because only in winter you can see all the beauty of this region. Prices in the Carpathians are not high, although they essentially rise in the winter; it depends on the comfort of the hotel and the distance to the ski lifts.

Rest in the Carpathians in winter – where Ukrainians ski

Lviv region

Slavske is a ski resort, which is beautiful both in summer and in winter. For those who like winter sports there are 2 lifts to Trostyan Mountain (1235m) and Pisanka Mountain near Zakhar Berkut recreation center. Those who are just starting to ski are recommended to try Polytech Mountain, located at the entrance. In summer Slavske offers horseback riding, parachuting, cycling and traveling on quad bikes. Recreation camps and mini-hotels are open all year round.

Grebeniv is a small resort in the Skole district, which is located near the ski resorts of Slavske and Tisovets, located on the banks of the picturesque river Opir. Smooth lines of mountain peaks, covered with forest and grass, create a unique view of Grebeniv.

Ivano-Frankivsk region

Bukovel is one of the most famous ski resorts in Ukraine; it has more than 50 ski slopes and 14 modern lifts. The infrastructure of the resort meets all European standards. Rest in Bukovel is suitable for families with children of different ages, since there are slopes of various types. The season lasts from the beginning of December until the end of March. There is never a danger of avalanches, always a stable deep snow layer and windless sunny weather almost all the time.

Yaremche is a city that is called the pearl of the Carpathians, because it is located in a very beautiful area. Tourists enjoy the products of Hutsul folk craftsmen made of wood, wool and leather. Recreation camps in Yaremche offer beautiful comfortable rooms and high-class service.

Mykulychyn is located on the river Prut and surrounded by coniferous forests. Mountain swift rivers, rocky banks, numerous waterfalls, healing aroma of pine needles and clean mountain air attract a large number of tourists.

Vorokhta is considered the center of ski tourism. Rest in Vorokhta is wonderful at any time of the year; from the tops of the Chernogorsky ridge you can see the panorama of Mount Goverla. The famous ski resort Bukovel is only 7 km from Vorokhta.

Mezhgorsky region

Pylypets is a popular ski resort in Transcarpathia; it has a stable and deep snow cover. The resort has routes of different levels of complexity, equipped on Gymba and Ryapushka Mountains, and 3 drag lifts – 700m, 1497m and 1500m long.

Volovetsky region

Volovets is a regional center in the central-northern part of the region. Its height is about 500 m above sea level and it is protected by Tomnatik and Plai Mountains. Volovets is 115km away from Uzhgorod. Great place for vacation in the Carpathians.

Zhdenievo is urban village located in the valley of the river Zhdenivka between the Poloninsky and Verkhovynsky ranges. Developed infrastructure of the village allows you to climb to the highest point of the Lviv region – Pikuy Mount. There are many recreation centers, a developed private sector and many beech forests in Zhdenievo.

Rakhiv region

Dragobrat is a popular ski resort; its microclimate is ideal for skiing. The total length of hills of different categories is over 10 thousand meters. Also there are 5 drag lifts, many huts, recreation centers and restaurants.

Kvasy is located in the Rakhiv region of the Transcarpathians at 560 m above sea level. It is very close to ski resorts Dragobrat and Bukovel, and its arsenic mineral waters provide an opportunity to relax and get well in the Carpathians all year round.

People fond of skiing and snowboarding love winter holidays in the mountains. However, there is much more winter entertainment in the mountains. So what to do in the winter in the Carpathians? Everyone can enjoy the charming beauty of the winter Carpathians.

Here are a few ideas you may like if you are not a fan of skiing.

Cable cars

Cable cars are a wonderful way to spend time. From the height of the lift you can enjoy the amazing views of the winter Carpathians. One can find numerous cable cars wherever there are skiers. There are quite a lot of them in the Ukrainian Carpathians. On some of them, it can take almost an hour to get up. So you will have more than enough time to look at everything around. Cableways can be used in the village of Volosyanka, Slavske, Izki, Vorokhta, Pylypets and other resorts. As a rule, the lifts have double sits, and at the end station there is a cafe where you can warm up and get ready for a pedestrian descent.

Winter bicycle

Snowbike is maximum extreme with maximum safety. It’s a mountain winter bike with small skis instead of wheels; it was specially designed to move on snow. It is suitable for descents from almost any slope. It is stable and easy to manage. It is based on human reflexes which allow the driver of such a bicycle to quickly learn and ride it. Snowbike is easier than snowboarding or skiing. But this winter gadget is not yet everywhere available; only a few resorts offer hiring snowbike for such entertainment. Otherwise, you can buy your own bicycle or search for it at the rental points before you leave for the mountains; as soon as you have it, you can go to the snow-covered trails.


Sled train is a classic of winter entertainment, but, like all good things – it never gets boring! Not all the places offer a sled train ride, but some ski resorts still offer such entertainment. Their design is almost always fascinating. Tightly wrapped in warm blankets, the participants enjoy the ride in comfortable sleds. In the evening, the atmosphere is complemented by the light of the torch. The excursion, as a rule, ends with a fire and baking sausages. Trails for sled trains are chosen very diligently; they go through the beautiful Carpathian valleys. In the Carpathians there are companies specializing in organizing such events; some even offer a ride on dog sleds.


Such entertainment will be very pleasant for children. In each resort town you will find special low slopes equipped. You can ride classic sledges or skating rinks. Usually no special skills are required for such entertainment. Comfortable clothes, slide and snow is all you need for a good mood. This pastime not only brings pleasure, but also favorably affects the vestibular apparatus, muscle tone and concentration of attention. You can bring your favorite sled with you or rent it on the spot.

Carpathian jacuzzi

These cast-iron boilers are available all year round. Of course, the water in the Carpathian jacuzzi does not boil, but is heated up to 40-45 degrees Celsius. But the fire under the cistern is real, and river stones are laid on the bottom, so as not to get burned. Water can be different: mineral – for the general strengthening of the body; with hydrogen sulphide – for the prevention of rheumatism and joint diseases, or with medicinal herbs – to relax and calm the nervous system. Boilers can be for two, or can be for a company of up to 12 people. You can enjoy such jacuzzies in Lumshory, Slavske, Osmoloda, Sheshory, Volovets and other ski resorts.

Holidays in the Carpathians in the summer

Summer is a great time for hiking in the Carpathians. In June the trails are dry at any altitude, in the daytime it is +20°C in the valleys and +10 on the peaks; alpine meadows bloom, Chernogora and Marmarosy are covered with the magnificent red carpet of Chervona Ruta. There is not much rain. This is the best time to visit Chernogora and Marmarosy where the maximum number of valleys is located. Be sure to take sunscreen, hat, raincoat, T-shirt and shorts and one set of warm clothes for the evening. You can go either in sandals or in sneakers.

July is the hottest month, +25…+22°C, at night +15°C. Generally, of each 7 days in Carpathians 2 are rainy; however, almost all precipitation is in July. For two or three weeks the July sky turns into a thick screen of gloomy rains, thunder and hail. Snow is very rare and only on the highest ridges. The rest of the time, the sun is unmerciful; but remember, it is absolutely impossible to predict the weather beforehand. If in July it rains second day in row, get ready for the worst. If you know that the weather has been bad 2 weeks before your trip – make sure to go, because it means soon everything will be fine! It is worth taking a gas stove, rubber slippers, spare socks, shorts and t-short, membrane poncho and sun cream. If you plan a trip in advance, it is better not to choose high and remote routes. Go to Borzhava, Grinyava, enjoy Bliznitsa or Petros, where you can quickly go down in case of unexpected trouble.

August is ideal for trekking: it is dry, not hot, berries of ​​all kinds (especially blueberries;), mushrooms, the plants turn from green into interesting rusty pastel shades, the temperature is +15…20°C, at night +5°C. In the morning and in the evening there is fog in the valleys and you feel like you are flying above the clouds… It is ideal time for any trekking, but Svidovets, Marmarosy and Gorgany are especially good.

Don’t forget to visit other sites of Ukraine, especially Kyiv, the capital.

Kate Dobromishev

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