5 Most Popular Destinations in Eastern Europe – Kiev Private Tours
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5 most popular destinations in Eastern Europe
28 Nov

5 Most Popular Destinations in Eastern Europe

Traveling to Europe is always ruinous, so I offer a budget alternative to expensive holidays somewhere in the Scandinavia or France. I advise you to pay attention to Eastern Europe and the Balkans – daily living there is almost twice cheaper than, for example, in France or Switzerland.

And if you do not particularly want to spend money and yet the thirst for travel and adventure does not allow you to sit still, go to Eastern Europe.


Bulgaria is a very budget-friendly and hospitable European country. In addition to excellent beach holiday, here you can enjoy rich culture of the country and improve your health at health resorts. Let’s check the average prices in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia (it is worth saying that at resorts, for example, in Sunny Beach, prices are about the same as in the capital and sometimes even a bit cheaper).

Prices for food in shops and for meals in the restaurant

  • Inexpensive restaurant (per person) – 4.09 €;
  • Mid-range restaurant (a three-course dinner for two) – 20.45 €;
  • A cup of cappuccino – 1.09 €;
  • Chicken breasts (1 kg) – € 4.68;
  • Loaf of white bread – 0.47 €;
  • Local cheese (1 kg) – € 4.75;
  • Fruits (1 kg) – from 1.08 €;
  • Potatoes (1 kg) – 0.55 €;
  • Water (1.5 l) – 0.43 €;
  • Local beer (0.5 l) – 0.60 €;
  • Wine – 4.09 €.

Transportation, gasoline

  • One-way ticket (public transport) – 0.51 €;
  • Gasoline (1 l) – 1.33 €;
  • Taxi (order) – 0.41 €;
  • Taxi (1 km) – 0.40 €.



Another very cheap country for living and recreation in Europe. Many medieval castles and gothic churches, good Baltic resorts, tasty and cheap beer, charming Warsaw, whose city center was restored after the war and is in the UNESCO World Heritage List, narrow streets, cozy cafes and reasonable prices – all this attracts many tourists to Poland. Check the average prices in Warsaw, because prices in other cities do not differ too much from the capital.

Prices for food in shops and for meals in the restaurant

  • Inexpensive restaurant (per person) – 4.80 €;
  • Mid-range restaurant (a three-course dinner for two) – 26.42 €;
  • A cup of cappuccino – 1.96 €;
  • Chicken breasts (1 kg) – 4.10 €;
  • Loaf of white bread – 0.69 €;
  • Local cheese (1 kg) – 5.79 €;
  • Fruits (1 kg) – from 0.81 €;
  • Potatoes (1 kg) – 0.52 €;
  • Water (1.5 l) – 0.49 €;
  • Local beer (0.5 l) – 0.73 €;
  • Wine – 5.76 €.

Transportation, gasoline

  • One-way ticket (public transport) – 1.06 €;
  • Gasoline (1 l) – 1.33 €;
  • Taxi (order) – 1.92 €;
  • Taxi (1 km) – 0.58 €.



Along with Bulgaria, Montenegro is the most popular holiday destination for tourists and one of the cheapest European countries in 2018. Montenegro offers ideal conditions for recreation: excellent beaches, beautiful sea and surprisingly pleasant climate, impressive landscapes and monuments of architecture and culture that really diversifies holidays on the sea. See the average prices for the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, and then compare them with the resort prices (Budva).

Prices for food in shops and for meals in the restaurant

  • Inexpensive restaurant (per person) – 5 €;
  • Mid-range restaurant (a three-course dinner for two) – 25 €;
  • A cup of cappuccino – 1.26 €;
  • Chicken breasts (1 kg) – € 4.50;
  • Loaf of white bread – 0.66 €;
  • Local cheese (1 kg) – 4.80 €;
  • Fruits (1 kg) – from 0.90 €;
  • Potatoes (1 kg) – 0.74 €;
  • Water (1.5 l) – 0.49 €;
  • Local beer (0.5 l) – 0.75 €;
  • Wine – 4 €.

Transportation, gasoline

  • One-way ticket (public transport) – 0.50 €;
  • Gasoline (1 l) – 1.39 €;
  • Taxi (order) – 1 €;
  • Taxi (1 km) – 0.45 €.

If you compare prices to those in Budva, you will see that prices for goods and services at the resort are about the same. Of the products described above, the exceptions are cheese (costs an average of 9.33 € per kg), chicken (5.75 €), wine (6 €). Meals in restaurants are also somewhat more expensive, on average 1-5 €. Of course, there is a huge difference in rental housing, as they mostly come to rest in Budva and the neighboring resort towns. Thus, the cost of renting a 1-room apartment in the center per month will amount to an average of 433 € (on the outskirts of the city – 250 €). The cheapest hotel room costs 10 € (per night in a double room), but it is located a few kilometers from the center. Hotel room closer to the center costs 15 € or more.


One can enjoy an amazing holiday in Romania, one of the cheapest countries in Europe for 2018; this ancient land has something to tell the traveler. Medieval Wallachian cities and gloomy castles, ancient monasteries and churches… Those who prefer alpine skiing and like staying at the beach will definitely like it. So, see the average prices for Bucharest, the capital of Romania below.

Prices for food in shops and for meals in the restaurant

  • Inexpensive restaurant (per person) – 4.56 €;
  • Mid-range restaurant (a three-course dinner for two) – 22.58 €;
  • A cup of cappuccino – 1.67 €;
  • Chicken breasts (1 kg) – 4.32 €;
  • Loaf of white bread – 0.51 €;
  • Local cheese (1 kg) – 4.58 €;
  • Fruits (1 kg) – from 0.90 €;
  • Potatoes (1 kg) – 0.51 €;
  • Water (1.5 l) – 0.57 €;
  • Local beer (0.5 l) – 0.70 €;
  • Wine – 3.39 €.

Transportation, gasoline

  • One-way ticket (public transport) – – € 0.34;
  • Gasoline (1 l) – 1.37 €;
  • Taxi (order) – 0.32 €;
  • Taxi (1 km) – € 0.32.


And the leader of our list is Ukraine. According to Hoopa, in 2018 Ukraine became the cheapest destination for tourism in the world!

Prices for food in shops and for meals in the restaurant

  • Inexpensive restaurant (per person) – 3.52 €;
  • Mid-range restaurant (a three-course dinner for two) – 15.78 €;
  • A cup of cappuccino —0.67 €;
  • Chicken breasts (1 kg) – 4.32 €;
  • Loaf of white bread – € 0.31;
  • Local cheese (1 kg) – 2.58 €;
  • Fruits (1 kg) – from 0.90 €;
  • Potatoes (1 kg) – 0.31 €;
  • Water (1.5 l) – € 0.37;
  • Local beer (0.5 l) – 0.70 €;
  • Wine – 2.39 €.


Until recently, very few people had heard about this part of the earth, but today Ukraine is one of the most interesting and budget-friendly directions in Eastern Europe.

Ukraine is one of the oldest and most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe.

In ancient times, it was known as Kievan Rus, and that is why its current capital is called Kiev (Kyiv). The country has a fascinating history and rich culture. In addition to historical monuments – churches, museums, and palaces, Ukraine has a rich and unique nature – mountains, beaches, rivers, forests and many unique places with beautiful landscapes. There is something to see for every visitor: amazing cities, ancient fortresses, monasteries and castles, shrouded in legends and secrets that have not yet been solved by historians.

Ukraine has developed various areas of tourism. Ski tourism is one of the most rapidly developing. The most popular resorts are Dragobrat, Slavske, Yaremche and, known throughout Europe, Bukovel. It offers a variety of ski slopes both for beginners and for professionals. Ski resorts in the Carpathians offer the slopes of any complexity, the air and the beauty of nature. Transcarpathian health resorts with mineral springs also attract many foreign tourists. The city of Lviv is also a paradise for tourists. It is the cultural capital of Ukraine, the pearl of the crown of Europe, the chocolate capital of Ukraine, the city with the largest number of architectural monuments in the country. Tourists say that you can walk around Lviv for ages and always find something new.

Ukraine is famous for its traditional cuisine – its main principle is to surprise and feed. Ukrainian meals are very nutritious and surprise with its variety. The iconic meals of the Ukrainian cuisine are lard, borsch, dumplings, scoops, zrazy, homemade sausage and cabbage rolls, various types of delicious pastries – pampushki with garlic, vergoons, and pies with all sorts of incredible fillings. Ukraine has a rich historical past, plenty of opportunities for entertainment, amazing ancient architectural monuments and wonderful culture. Not to forget where to go and what to see, and not to get lost in the Ukrainian open spaces, we have made a list of top most beautiful places and main sights of Ukraine, which will please even the pickiest tourist.


Top 5 Places in Ukraine

1. The first place of honor is for the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

This is the oldest Orthodox monastery and the center of Orthodoxy of Kievan Rus, originally founded in 1051 by the monk Anthony as a cave monastery. The dungeons of Lavra are the most popular among tourists. The 96.5 meters high Lavra Bell Tower is the highest point in Kiev. There are several museums on the territory of the monastery. Lavra is famous for its extremely rich and beautiful interiors and architecture.

2. The old city of Lviv ranks second

There is no other place with such a color and atmosphere as in the old part of the city of Lviv. Architectural masterpieces, cozy streets and gothic churches can be found here at every turn. In the center of the Old Town is the Old Market Square. Colorful houses with cafes, museums, restaurants in the Ukrainian style are all around it. In the center of the Market Square one finds Lviv City Hall, the witness of many historical events. In the Middle Ages, there was a pillar of punishment in front of the City Hall. Entrance to the town hall is free; however, if you want to walk up the tower and enjoy the view from its observation deck you’ll have to buy a ticket. The tower offers a panoramic view of the center of Lviv.

3. St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv ranks third

One of the few buildings that were built in the times of the Kievan Rus and survived. The history of the temple complex dates back to the XI century. In 1040, the three-year construction of the church in the style of Ukrainian Baroque was completed. St. Sophia Cathedral was and still remains important cultural and religious center. The first library and school were founded on its territory. The ensemble of the St. Sophia Cathedral includes the monastery buildings of the 18th century: the bell tower, the south entrance tower, the refectory, the bakery, bursa, the house of the metropolitan and the Zaborovsky gate. The cathedral has preserved the world’s most complete ensemble of original mosaics of 260 km² and 3000 km² of frescoes.

4. The fourth place is occupied by the Mariinsky Park

The park was laid out in 1874. It is located in Kiev opposite the Supreme Council of Ukraine. The park area is 8.9 hectares. In the park there are more than 80 species of trees. The park has a bridge of lovers, monuments, fountains and observation deck that offers a stunning view of the Dnieper. Also in the park there is a monument to full-blown chestnuts – the symbol of the city of Kiev. Mariinsky Park is designed in landscape style. Quiet, shady, with old lindens, maples and chestnuts, the park is a unique monument of the park art of the past.

5. Fifth place rightly belongs to Babi Yar

This tract in the north-west of Kiev has a tragic and cruel history. It was in this place that during the Second World War, 100-150 thousand people were shot, mainly Jews. Only 29 people were saved from execution. People were ordered to come to the place of execution with documents, valuables, clothes. Then their belongings were taken from them, and everybody was killed. Many monuments have been installed to honor the memory of the victims.



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