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3 Jan

15 Best Unusual Restaurants in Lviv

Where in Ukraine should you go to taste the aroma coffee and chocolate? In which city are most legendary pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, kneipes? Yes, the answer can be only one – of course, this is Lviv, a cultural and, probably, gastronomic capital, where you want not only to warm yourself with mulled wine or delicious coffee in almost every coffee shop, but also to gaze at the unusual interior of restaurants and surroundings.

Best Lviv Restaurants

So, let’s go – see 15 Best yet Unusual Lviv Restaurants below!

Lviv Handmade Chocolate

Noise, din and fun. On the ground floor behind the glass one can see the rivers of chocolate and the masters who conjure. However, you are unlikely to stay there for a long time – a crowd of people, eager to get to the coveted chocolate shop will drag you to the first floor. Everyone is in a hurry to buy a souvenir, take a chocolate spoon or shoe home. But! If you go up to the second floor, you will find the exact same shop, only without queues. So do not be lazy. Be sure to buy yourself a “patzorok” – so called chocolate candy, sold at 7-8 hryvnias apiece. And boldly, if the weather allows, go to the 4th floor, to the open area, where you can savor a cup of hot chocolate, looking at cheerful Lviv roofs.

Address: “Lviv handmade chocolate”: 3 Serbska street; 5 Sichevykh streltsov street; 30 Stryiska street; 168 Lyubynska street

Lviv Coffee and Chocolate Tour


Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture

“This is why we roast the best coffee in Lviv”, the signboard of the creative cafe promises its visitors. Inside the twilight reigns, and at the entrance they give you helmets – just in case, and to preserve the atmosphere. You go through the turntable to the rails; there is a trolley on the side. Carefully, there is the iron rotating circle ahead, and it is poorly visible in the dark. But if you order the “right” drink, you will be amazed how beautiful the fire show from the bartenders looks. For example, “sealed coffee” – they will make caramel straight in from of you using… a blowtorch. Well and, perhaps, it is worth trying the cup of coffee with the addition of rum. And you can buy coffee beans on the ground floor: there is a souvenir shop where there is everything: from the Banderist coffee to earrings with coffee beans.

Address: Market Square, 10


“You will recognize it from a thousand others” – this is about “Kryjivka”. Although this place does not have signs, you will find a popular restaurant just looking at the queue always waiting to get inside. However, the “Kryjika” is really huge, with several rooms, so that the seats are constantly vacated. At the entrance get ready to say “Glory to Ukraine!”, “Glory to Heroes!”, and sip the mead! You can try delicious dumplings with bacon or mushrooms, “Balbo of soldier Panas”, “Feast in the Forest” and other meals with thematic names. They serve them in steel bowls. The interior is stylized under the dugout of the OUN-UPA with a variety of weapons and original exhibits, such as a motorcycle or a telephone booth. Exit from Kryjivka is just another story. You get to the museum! And on the roof you will see a real machine gun.

Address: Market Square, 14

House of Legends

Be sure to climb to the roof. This is just a great place for photo shoots! People stand in queues to make photos with the flying car with oars and to try getting inside the pipe which is also located at the same roof. And on Sunday evening, a huge crowd gathers near the “House of Legends”: everyone wants to see how a miniature train goes, and a flame flies out of the dragon’s mouth. Well, in fact, it’s just fireworks, but it looks spectacular. In the cafe itself, everything is extravagant, and even somehow strange… By the way, to be honest, you can just walk around the cafe, even without making an order. Just have a look around, it is really interesting.

Address: 48 Staroevreyska street

At the Golden Rose

This colorful Jewish corner is located next to the “House of Legends.” The peculiarity of the menu is that it has no prices. So order everything at your own risk. And when they bring a really big bill (prices are several times bigger than real), you start bargaining. There are those who manage to bring down the price from 3700 to 250 UAH, but not everyone is so lucky. So think of all the songs, poems and anecdotes you know – that might help. However, the recommended prices are still there: if you do not want to make a show, discuss it with the waiter in advance. When it comes to food, try hummus, forshmak, tsimes, “vase of florist Izya”, locals especially praise local strudel. True, there are complaints that the meals are not as kosher as they should be. From additional entertainment – try on themed hats and side-locks, taste tincture on raisins and see the real hen that lives right there – in the kneipe.

Address: 27 Ivan Fedorov street

Pub-museum Gas Lamp

You will not pass by this restaurant – a lot of kerosene lamps decorating the café are visible from every corner. And in total there are more than 200 of them in the venue! Why? So, it was precisely in Lviv that they invented both kerosene and a kerosene lamp. And the first kerosene appeared in the very building where the museum-restaurant is now located. Ignatius Lukasevich, the inventor, also sits there surrounded by lamps. First you find yourself in a small souvenir shop, and then – in a shop with liqueurs. It is worth staying here and trying 10 kinds of local liqueurs from the bulbs: “Gasivka”, “Petrolivka” and rest. After this go up a rather steep spiral staircase. Waiters often walk by with hot frying pans – this type of serving is rather popular. On the top floor you will find a terrace with a beautiful view of the city.

Address: 20 Armyanska street

Masoch Café

There are beds, handcuffs, whips and other paraphernalia, and everything is flooded with red light. But there are no waiters in extravagant costumes with whips at the entrance, as was often shown on TV. The meals correspond to the theme of the cafe – “Bathhouse and Whip”, “12 Principles of Depravity”, “Bridle of Passion”… If you want to experience lash strikes, ask waiter for such a service, and you’ll get it. Near the entrance it is Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch who greets the visitors.

Address: 7 Serbska street

The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant

Without a special card, everything is very expensive here, and with it the bill is reduced by exactly 90%. There is no sign on this secret place, not even the entrance; it is disguised as an ordinary apartment. Having knocked on the door, you come across pan Peter, dressed in a dressing-gown; he explains that “That is not the way to the restaurant!”. And really, you find yourself in an ordinary cluttered apartment with shabby rugs. But it is worth going a little further, as the picture changes completely. Twilight, illuminated by the twinkling of candles, gilded frames, mysterious masonic signs, triangles with an all-seeing eye, images of great masons… And of course, bar counter and tables. By ritual, as members of Masonic society men will be offered white gloves. You can eat your meal wearing these gloves. The average check reaches thousands of hryvnias. You need to take care of the discount in advance: you can get it at any restaurant of the !Fest Holding. For example, go to “Kryjivka”, which is on the ground floor of the same house.

Address: Market Square, 14

Levyi Bereg (Left Bank)

Have you heard of the legendary river Poltva, which languishes under the Lviv Opera House? If not, you should go to the “Left Bank”. This restaurant, located in the dungeons of the theater, has a museum of the disappeared river. Here they will tell how 300 years ago fishermen moved freely in boats in Lviv. But then Poltva was hidden in a collector. In the menu they also inform that the river washes away the piles on which the theater stands, so that both it and the cafe may sink. The inevitability of this tragedy is proven with decorative cracks and skewed doorways – this is the interior in the “Left Bank”. All sorts of artifacts: music boxes, paintings, a strange sculpture on the ceiling tell about the opera house, its bohemian life and history. Here you can become Napoleon, Casanova, or try on any other theatrical costume. And pour beer from a huge copper tuba.

Address: Liberty Avenue, 28

The First Lviv Grill Restaurant of Meat and Justice

Nervous better not read it! And even more, do not visit! This place is for those who appreciate black humor and do not mind eating meat and beer in the company of the executioner. According to the legend, in the old days mister Malevolent lived somewhere there. Now you can come to visit him. The executioner greets guests at the entrance or watches them, pacing around the room and sharpening his ax. Visitors sit on the blocks – chairs made from stubs. The guillotine, rack, Scotch boot, masks of shame and other instruments of torture – the interior is truly special! Signature meals are prepared in front of everyone, on fire. Make sure to try Lviv brewed beer Zenyk!

Address: 20 Valova street

Kryva Lypa (Curved Linden)

Have you tried borscht served directly in the bread loaf? If you want to taste it, go to Kryva Lypa. The restaurant-bar got its name, so to speak, by inheritance – it was named after the street where it was “born”. “Curved linden” is a culinary studio where they offer original meals. But the restaurant has another “zest”. Every Monday they show art-house movies in the original language. Films are accompanied by Russian or Ukrainian subtitles. So in the “Curved Linden” you can taste good food and at the same time improve your English. It is worth adding that many guests of the “Curved Linden” advise to try veal medallions with pear and Roquefort or pomegranate sauce. And do not be surprised with the menu: you can see many funny and unexpected meal names as “Freedom to Bulba”, “Svintus”, “Dohryukalas” and other. The interior is also quite original: despite the twilight, you can see various kitchen utensils resting on the shelves.

Address: 8 Kryva Lypa passage

Zenyk Mytnyk

This is a kind of a flat of the customs officer with the appropriate entourage. The protagonist is Pan Zenik, calling for the protection of borders and offering a beer. The signature meal of the pub is the potato pancakes, which, according to legend, are cooked by refugees from the border areas. And retired customs officers work as waiters. Those who have already visited the establishment, advise to try a sandwich made of potato pancakes, cheese cuts and Irish-style potato pancake: a huge potato cake with slices of fried veal, mushrooms and vegetables. This is the place where people are going to try Zenyk beer and relax in the evening.

Address: 1 Tadeusha Kosciusko street

Museum-restaurant “Salo”

Salo as art? Why not! Even sculptures can be made from the national product – proved by the Salo Museum-Restaurant… Meals are also exotic, like sushi-lard or Monroe Lips.

Address: 6/8 Liberty Avenue

Post Office on Drukarska Street

The venue markets itself as the last analog communication post office in Lviv. The largest collection of Lviv postal artifacts is located right here: antique posters, stamps, telephone sets. With the help of local “postmen” visitors can make their own postcard, pack it in the envelope and send it to the addressee,; children really like the process. Facility’s main meal is pies. You can also try local liqueurs; order a postman’s lunch or a specialty postal coffee.

Address: 3 Drukarska street

Baczewski Restaurant

Baczewski Restaurant in Lviv is very popular even among locals. Here they treat their guests with Galician cuisine and surprise with national color. Often you can see Polish guests and even tourists from Austria. And they come here for the sake of cuisine and rich history.

Baczewski is a family that was the first in the world who began the official manufacture of vodka. There is a small museum and a souvenir shop at the restaurant, where you can learn more about family contracts and some factory technologies.

You do not know where to eat in Lviv? Go to the mines and factories, post offices and ordinary restaurants. Lviv offers its guests even an intimate cafe and a Jewish restaurant. If you are not hungry, be sure to visit the most unusual and interesting cafes in Lviv for the sake of impressions and unforgettable emotions.

Address: 8 Shevska street


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