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Ukrainian traditions
3 Jan

15 Best Museums in Kiev

Museum of the History of Kiev

Having survived a difficult period, Museum of the History of Kiev now has its own premises. It is located in a new building on the corner of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street and Pushkin street; the building was constructed in 2012 on the site of old one-story manor of the XIX century, which was dismantled in 1981 during the construction of Teatralna metro station. The museum itself was founded in 1978. The exposition presents archeological findings of the period of Kievan Rus, the symbol of city self-government – the bas-relief of Archangel Michael from the town hall, personal belongings of teachers and graduates of P. Galagan’s collegium, paintings by M. Prahov and A. Murashko, works and drawings of aircraft designer O. Antonov, etc.

The portraits of scientists, cultural workers and artists as well as ordinary inhabitants of the city, who walked along its streets a hundred years ago, lived in it and created exactly the unique Kiev, which our contemporaries take pride in are of great value. The museum continues to collect, study and popularize materials about the life of Kyiv and its citizens for centuries.

Museum of the History of Kiev

Museum of the History of Ukraine

Since 1944 the main historical museum of Ukraine is located in Kiev on the Starokievska Mount. This museum stores ethnographic and archaeological findings, paintings and sculptures, numismatic collections, early printed books and other historical artifacts.

In the museum there is an exposition of the Kiev factory of art glass (about 4 000 exhibits). The factory was closed during the crisis of 1997 in Ukraine. That year, the stoves of the world famous factory, which participated in international exhibitions, were turned off forever, and in 2003 the remaining goods that the company produced were given to the museum.

If we speak about significance of its collection, this museum is one of the best museums in Ukraine. The museum collection stores more than 800 thousand unique historical and cultural monuments.

The National Art Museum of Ukraine

40 thousand exhibits, one of the richest collections of icon painting in Ukraine, works of classical painters of the XIX century, collection of graphics from Kievan Rus to the present day, contemporary paintings, including the Ukrainian avant-garde – this is what the National Art Museum of Ukraine offers its visitors today.

Exposition of the National Art Museum of Ukraine features paintings by Repin, Shevchenko, Vrubel, Tropinin, Borovikovsky. Here are portraits of Cossack leaders, and, of course, a significant part of the museum’s exposition is occupied by works by prominent Ukrainian artists – A. Manevich, N. Pimonenko, S. Vasilkovsky, S. Svitoslavsky, M. Boychuk, A. Murashko, F. Krichevsky, A. Petritsky , D. Burliuk and others.

Pinchuk Art Center

Pinchuk Art Center, international center for contemporary art, a new facet of demonstration of contemporary art in XXI century, is located on the Bessarabska Square in Kyiv.

The Art Center is one of the largest in Europe; it was opened by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in 2006. The building Pinchuk Art Center is located in is also interesting. This old Kiev building, located in its historic part, was restored in 2000. The interior is designed by the French architect Philip Chimbareto.

The artistic center occupies six floors of the building; its total area is 3 thousand square meters.



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Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko Museum of Art

The founders of the collection are Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko. Living in St. Petersburg, Bogdan was fascinated with collecting. Khanenko family managed to collect about 1250 different art objects. According to the will of the founders, the museum was named “Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko Museum of Art “. The building is also known as the Museum of Western and Oriental arts. Now it has more than 25 thousand exhibits related to different types of creativity. The museum was given the status of the National Museum.

In the Khanenko Museum you will see paintings that have gained worldwide fame. Among them – the pearl of the museum “Portrait of the Infanta Margarita”, famous work by Vasnetsov “The Three Princesses of the Underground Kingdom”, amazing with its grandeur and beauty, Shishkin paintings, amazing by their naturalism. The refinement of the Japanese service and the sculptures make unbelievable impressions – the work done is truly painstaking. The collection of graphics is of particular interest. There is also a department of Soviet painting in the museum.

Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine in Kiev

The grand opening of the Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine was held on June 17, 2005. The collection of the museum has more than 4.5 thousand exhibits.

The mission of the Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine is to collect, preserve, explore and promote the art of Ukraine of the 20th and early 21st centuries. The main activities of the museum include several areas:

  • – research work on the study of the collection;
  • – creation of electronic catalog of the collection and information base of artists of Ukraine.
  • – replenishment of the collection: work with authors, collectors, research expeditions to the regions of Ukraine.
  • – exhibition activities.
  • – presentation of Ukrainian art abroad.
  • – support of young talented artists.
  • – educational programs of different levels.

Museum of Water

The Water Museum in Kiev was opened in 2003. The museum has two major functions at once – cognitive and entertaining. The first allows you to learn everything that is possible about water: its movement under the ground, the transition of liquids to different aggregate states, visitors will even be told how to save water in everyday life. But the museum is highly valued mainly because of its excellent entertainment program, thanks to which children want to come back again and again.

The territory of the museum is divided into several zones, each of which offers its visitors information about specific issue. Going down the elevator, you will do the same way as the water under the ground. After that you will learn all about the role of water in human life. Here, visitors enter the grotto, where they see the formation of rain and hear the thunder peals; visitors will also see the eruption of the geyser. The guide will tell how you can save water in everyday life; this is also where you will find a favorite of all guests of the museum – a huge toilet. Children will be delighted with the game room where one can dig a trench and even get inside a huge soap bubble! You can visit the museum only with a guide as part of a group. For ticket price, please visit museum website.

The Museum of Chernobyl

If you leave the Kiev underground at the Kontraktova Ploshcha stop, find the tram stop, walk one block in the direction of the tramway, and turn left into Khorevoy lane, you will get to this building:

This is the National Chernobyl Museum. Actually, this museum is the main source of tourist information about the Chernobyl accident and its main monument; after the very destroyed power unit, naturally.

In general, the exposition is more of a sensitive than rational nature. But there are very interesting exhibits.

For example: on the left you will find dummies in protective suits. On the walls one can see the photographs of the first post-accident days. In the center of the hall, there is a working diorama of the Chernobyl NPP. It illustrates the state of the fourth power unit before the accident, during the liquidation, and after it. In addition, there is a split layout of the fourth power unit.

The collection of exhibits does not leave anyone indifferent.

If you have no time and opportunity to go to the very area of Chernobyl, which is located 110 km from Kiev, this Museum at Podil is a must visit place.

Museum of Toilets

One of the most unusual museums in Kiev is the museum of the history of the toilet, founded in 2006.

It is located on the territory of the museum complex “Kiev Fortress”, in the ancient defensive tower #5. The total number of toilets exhibited in the museum is about 3 hundred items. The collection is represented by various toilet bowls; there are even samples from porcelain, stone and metal.

The exposition of the museum is divided into several sectors; each of them has its own artistic idea, which is based on the chronology of the presented sample. A special feature of the exhibition is the fact that it covers almost all periods of toilet development, starting with the Victorian pot, the first English water closets and finishing with the latest developments in this area: the latest generation Japanese toilets.

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

This is unforgivable to visit Kiev without going to the house and museum of the famous writer Mikhail Bulgakov! Moreover it is located on Andrew’s Descent, where you can also visit the Museum of one street and admire the St. Andrew’s Church and Podil.

Bulgakov Museum is located in Kiev not by accident; this is actually the house where the great writer once lived. The museum in his house was open for public only in 1993, but from that moment hundreds of thousands of tourists and Kievans visited it. It is the scene for the events of the novel “The White Guard” – it is not often possible to see the place of action “through the eyes of the author”.

The museum was founded by Anatoly Konchakovsky, who came with idea to repaint all the things that belonged to brothers Turbin (heroes of Bulgakov book) into white, and leave as they are the real things that belonged to the writer and his family; that’s why you can be surprised to find white furniture, white fire pot, white piano in the rooms of the house.

Ukraine State Aviation Museum

The State Aviation Museum is located in the capital of Ukraine on the territory of Kiev airport. There are dozens of exhibits that include both widespread and rare models in a single copy: such as, for example, the Soviet experimental long-range radar detection aircraft An-71.

The museum is located just behind the fence of the operating airfield. Aircraft take off and land in hundred meters from visitors; this creates a unique atmosphere of live exhibits. Sometimes it seems that the plane we examined only five minutes ago is already taking off. In short, everyone who has such an opportunity – I highly recommend you to visit this place.

Microminiature Museum

There are a lot of museums on the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra; however, this one deserves special attention and respect for its owner and creator – Nikolai Syadristy. Each and every of the microminiatures exhibited in the exposition is unique. It is impossible to imagine how a person can do such a small thing: a cavity is drilled inside the human hair along its length, and the hair itself is polished to full transparency. And then, he places a rose branch inside, 0.05 millimeters thick – amazing, is not it?

For Syadristy, it was not difficult to place a caravan of golden camels into the eye of a needle, and to engrave notes on a glass petal of a chrysanthemum measuring 2х5 millimeters – a fragment of Polonaise of Oginsky. There are many more amazing miniatures in this museum; Nikolay was rightly recognized one of the best masters of his work in the world – it is better to see it all once live, because not a single photo and video can convey all the sophistication of these works of art.

Visit this Museum you can during the Lavra Tour by Guide me UA.

Museum of Medicine

At night, you can hear sighs, whispers and silent crying here… An outsider feels the eyes of hundreds watching him – these ghosts guard their past. No, this is not a horror film – it really happens in the National Museum of Medicine.

The museum is intriguing. One of the expositions is the scenes from the capital’s medical history. Nikolai Pirogov and Vladimir Karavaev leaned over the operating table. Daniel Zabolotny looks at the microscope. Academician Obraztsov feels the belly of a girl… Figures are life-sized. They are so believable that it seems as if they move and even whisper!

The museum began with an anatomical theater, which was built in 1853 by the famous architect Beretti. On the first floor there were sections for anatomy classes, on the second floor – anatomical museum with the richest and unique collection of bones in Europe.

Kiev in miniature

It can be a very exciting walk if you see all the most interesting architectural buildings in Kiev in 30-40 minutes.

This exposition was first opened to public in June 2006. Here you can see the center of Kiev with Khreshchatyk Street, Independence Square with cars, people, trees, flower beds and fountains, the Supreme Council of Ukraine, the Moscow Bridge across the Dnieper, the great Lavra, the Railway Station, and the Golden Gate. All exhibits are exact copies of their large originals on a scale of 1:33 and are located in a 1.8-hectare park. In total there are 48 miniatures at the moment, but this is far from the end, and the manufacture of other famous places in Kiev and throughout Ukraine continues.

Museum of Historical Treasures

The Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine was opened in 1969 as a branch of the National Museum of History of Ukraine. It contains the main archaeological findings of the last centuries. Basically, this is a prey from burial mounds – ancient graves. In the old times people laid their relatives and kings on their last journey with honors and grandeur, leaving everything that the departed earned in his life. Therefore, the museum features a collection of different things – from jewelry to clothes and military equipment. The museum exposition covers a large period of time – from the 9th century BC up to the 20th century.

The Museum of Historical Treasures in Kiev is divided into several halls. A separate exhibition is dedicated to Tovsta Mohyla – the burial of the Scythian queen. The richness of this exposition is truly impressive – massive gold jewelry, ordinary objects decorated with precious stones and of course the world-famous Golden Pectoral. In other halls you can see items from ancient Rome and Greece, admire the famous Glodsky treasure, which consists of about 200 precious objects, and also admire modern treasures, for example, rare coins dedicated to the Olympic Games.

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